Fred Keller to Newsmax TV: Biden Left Out ‘How Great We Are’ as a Nation

Fred Keller to Newsmax TV: Biden Left Out 'How Great We Are' as a Nation Fred Keller to Newsmax TV: Biden Left Out 'How Great We Are' as a Nation Rep. Fred Keller, R-Pa. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

By Theodore Bunker | Thursday, 29 April 2021 03:46 PM

Rep. Fred Keller, R-Pa., told Newsmax TV on Thursday that President Joe Biden's speech on Wednesday failed to mention ''what's so great about America,'' or ''the vision of that going forward.''

Keller noted on ''American Agenda'' that he ''wasn't invited'' to attend the address in person, since attendance was restricted due to COVID-19. ''I've seen the speech and you know … quite frankly, I don't think the president talked about what's so great about America, and that's, that's the people that live and work and really want America to be that shining city on a hill. And there was no talk about how great we are and how we care about one another and the vision of that going forward.''

He added later, ''I'm a product of what you can achieve in America. I would be, by today's standard, that disadvantaged or at-risk person that people try to define. As government, we need to stop trying to separate, divide people. Let's talk about how great we are and put policies in place that help lift everyone up and let's have that discussion.

Keller said, ''We don't need a spend more money. What we need is we need to open our economy, everybody I talked to… says we have jobs, or, you know, small businesses across the 15 counties I represent tell me, 'we could hire people now.' How good could things be if we could just work on policies that would open up our businesses? And as [Ohio Republican Rep.] Jim Jordan asked Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, when do we get our liberties back?''

He went on to rip Biden for promoting Vice President Kamala Harris as the administration's point-person on their $1.8 trillion spending plan.

''She's not even doing what she's in charge of now. Why would we put her in charge of other things? Certainly you don't give somebody more responsibility when they feel that carry out their, what their task is right at this point … spending more money is not the answer, if just throwing money at things solve problems, Venezuela would be the model for how things should happen.''

He added, ''This is about a government being responsive to the people. We shouldn't be defining people, people should be defining America … American families say this is what we want our government to look like, and what we want is we want to get back to work. We don't want climate czar John Kerry to tell us we can't weld pipelines together. We can work on that. We got to go make solar panels. That's not the America that I grew up in, succeeded in … and piling debt on our kids is not gonna help them have a better life.''

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