Gabbard: Biden Playing ‘Identity Politics’ With Pledge to Nominate Black Female Justice

Gabbard: Biden Playing 'Identity Politics' With Pledge to Nominate Black Female Justice Gabbard: Biden Playing 'Identity Politics' With Pledge to Nominate Black Female Justice Former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. (Bill Pugliano/Getty)

By Charlie McCarthy | Monday, 31 January 2022 02:03 PM

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, blasted President Joe Biden on Monday for playing "identity politics" that are "destroying our country."

Gabbard, who unsuccessfully campaigned for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, criticized Biden for the reason he chose Vice President Kamala Harris to join him on the national ticket, and for pledging to nominate a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Biden chose Harris as his VP because of the color of her skin and sex — not qualification. She's been a disaster," Gabbard tweeted early Monday. "Now he promises to choose Supreme Court nominee on the same criteria. Identity politics is destroying our country."

Gabbard, who endorsed Biden in March 2020 after withdrawing from the Democratic primaries, also posted a similar comment early Saturday morning.

"Biden’s mistake: He should not be choosing a Supreme Court justice based on the color of their skin or sex, but rather on their qualifications & commitment to uphold our Constitution & the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans in that document which is the foundation of our nation," she tweeted.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer officially announced his retirement last week. On Thursday, Biden reiterated his campaign pledge to nominate a Black woman to the court.

"I've made no decision except the one person I will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience, and integrity," Biden said. "And that person will be the first Black woman ever nominated to the United States Supreme Court. It's long overdue."

Gabbard's criticism of Biden was not the first time the U.S. Army Reserve member took aim at the president or other members of her party.

In November, Gabbard praised Republican Glenn Youngkin's victory over former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, D-Va., in Virginia's 2021 gubernatorial race, saying that political elites on the left ''treat us like we're stupid."

"McAuliffe's loss is a victory for all Americans," Gabbard tweeted Nov. 3. "Why? Because it was a resounding rejection of efforts to divide us by race, the stripping of parental rights, and arrogant, deaf leaders. This benefits us all."

Gabbard also has attacked Biden for his response in dealing with COVID-19.

"Biden should stop undermining the health of the American people by interfering with our access to proven therapeutics, like monoclonals — and stop your cruel joke of telling us we can take the highly effective therapeutic Paxlovid when you know it isn’t really available," she tweeted Wednesday.

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