German Mall Requiring Vax Bracelets for Entry

German Mall Requiring Vax Bracelets for Entry German Mall Requiring Vax Bracelets for Entry Christmas market visitors with 2G bracelets on for proof of vaccination status. (Julian Stratenschulte/ picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

By Nick Koutsobinas | Tuesday, 21 December 2021 09:38 PM

A shopping mall in Berlin is now requiring patrons to wear a wristband to prove they have been vaccinated upon entry.

"I check the QR code on the vaccination certificate, then I compare the data with the identity card," the Mall of Berlin information desk explained to Czech media Euro Zprávy.

If all items are in order, then the patron receives a paper wristband.

A security guard to the mall's toy store said, "it's a big acceleration. Whoever has the bracelet doesn't wait in line because I don't have to verify the QR code, just look."

"I don't know if it would pay off at all," the security guard noted of forging fraudulent wristbands. "The name of the department store is printed on the bracelets and the colors of the ribbons change every day."

Even if someone threw the wristband away and another person picked it up, "the bracelets," he notes, "are also inspected in detail to make sure that it is not re-glued and that the date fits."

For one patron, Sophie, a 20-year old who went shopping with her friends, said the bracelet system was more straightforward. "I don't have to pull out documents and a mobile phone with a certificate all the time," she told the media outlet.

The report mentions that it is not just one lone mall issuing the bracelets but also in other parts of the German states. In Magdeburg, bracelets are used to enter shops located in the city center. And the phenomenon could soon take hold of the whole country.

Stefan Genth, head of the German Retail Association, says he also sees bracelets as a good idea. In an interview with German television, MDR, Genth says that strict quarantines prevent the public from shopping, creating concerns for businesses. Genth, therefore, wants bracelets to be used throughout Germany.