Giuliani Signals Support for Eric Adams on Eve of Democratic Primary

Giuliani Signals Support for Eric Adams on Eve of Democratic Primary Giuliani Signals Support for Eric Adams on Eve of Democratic Primary (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

By Theodore Bunker | Monday, 21 June 2021 11:09 AM

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently iterated his support for Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams' campaign in the city's Democrat primary for mayor, CBS New York reports.

"New York being a heavily Democratic town, who do you think is the best candidate in the Democratic field?" CBS2's Marcia Kramer asked Giuliani in an interview last Friday.

"I have to say, with tremendous reluctance because there are so many negatives there, that at least Adams talks about reducing crime," Giuliani said. "I'm going to vote for Curtis. I'm a Republican, and if I had to, there's no question that Adams gives us some hope that he can be practical once elected."

In response, Adams, who was a vocal critic of Giuliani's in the 1990's over the former police commissioner's handling of police brutality, rejected the former mayor's support, though The New York Daily News notes that he has credited Giuliani for the city's drop in crime in the past.

"I don't — don't with capital D, O, N, apostrophe, T — need Giuliani's endorsement and don't want it, his endorsement," Adams said. "One of the ways you sabotage a campaign is that you come out and endorse the opponent that you don't want to win."

Adams' opponents quickly seized on the chance to tie him to Giuliani.

"Eric Adams is RUDY GIULIANI'S #1 pick in the Democratic primary," tweeted Eric Soufer, a senior adviser to Andrew Yang, who is also running in the primary.

However, Rebecca Kirszner Katz, campaign adviser to New York City comptroller Scott Stringer, added that Yang has been praised by Stephen Miller, who devised former President Donald Trump's immigration policy.

"Andrew Yang is Stephen Miller's #1," she wrote. "Don't rank either of them."

The latest poll from Iposos released on Monday shows Adams leading the New York City Democratic mayoral primary, followed by Yang, former santitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia, and Maya Wiley, the former counsel to current Mayor Bill de Blasio.