Gov. Greg Abbott to Newsmax: Biden Nor Harris Have Talked to Me on Border Crisis

Gov. Greg Abbott to Newsmax: Biden Nor Harris Have Talked to Me on Border Crisis (Newsmax's "Eric Bolling: The Balance")

By Eric Mack | Monday, 31 January 2022 05:32 PM

As Texas taxpayers have footed "$3 billion to do the federal government's job" on the Texas-Mexico border, neither President Joe Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris, his border czar, have visited or even spoke with Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, the governor told Newsmax on Monday.

"Kamala Harris has never contacted me; President Biden has never contacted me about the border," Abbott told Monday's "Eric Bolling: The Balance." "As you pointed out, the border is one of the most consequential issues in the United States of America. It affects all Americans."

Abbott, who has put Operation Lone Star into action to cover for Biden administration inaction, noted Harris' one, brief trip to El Paso, Texas, last year was to "a building miles away from the border" in a region where illegal border crossings have not been an issue.

"It's not the area where the drug cartels are making their money off of trafficking people across the border," Abbott added to host Eric Bolling. "She has not talked to the farmers and ranchers who have had their ranches invaded and ripped apart by the people coming across the border.

"She did not talk to a single person who has been harmed or damaged in any way – of which there are thousands upon thousands in the state of Texas alone, and she has talked nothing and done nothing about the bringing in a fentanyl or addressing the horrific crime of human trafficking."

Abbott noted the Texas border "had the lowest number of border crossings ever" in the final year of the Trump administration because of "four very simple" border policies:

  • Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as Remain in Mexico.
  • Title 42, which turns away illegal migrants amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ending catch and release for illegal border crossers.
  • Building the border wall.

"The state of the border is chaos because of the policies implemented by the Kamala Harris and Biden administration," Abbott said.

"All that Biden and Kamala Harris had to do was to leave those policies in place. But in addition to removing each of those four policies, they also have implemented these complete open-border policies, and that's why this past year, under the Joe Biden administration and the Kamala Harris administration, we've seen the largest number of people coming across the border illegally under any presidency that I know of, and it is leading to these caravans."

Abbott added, "Texas is stepping up and responding and doing the federal government's job."

Abbott's border plan has used $3 billion of Texas taxpayer dollars "to do the federal government's job," he said, including deploying 10,000 National Guard troops and Texas Department of Public Safety officers.

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