Gov. Justice to Newsmax: US Border Agents Deserve Our Respect, Not Loathing

Gov. Justice to Newsmax: US Border Agents Deserve Our Respect, Not Loathing (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Jay Clemons | Monday, 25 April 2022 06:38 PM

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has assumed a prominent role in helping the United States better patrol its southern border.

On Friday, Justice and 25 other Republican governors pledged their support to the new "American Governors' Border Strike Force," with the consortium squarely focused on tackling illegal immigration, drug cartels, and crime at the U.S.-Mexico border.

And on Monday, the West Virginia leader stood up for the U.S. border agents, in the wake of the terrible news surrounding a member of the Texas National Guard (Spc. Bishop E. Evans, 22) drowning over the weekend, after rescuing two migrants in the Rio Grande River, along the treacherous crossover point of Eagle Point, Texas.

On Newsmax, Justice told host Eric Bolling of "Eric Bolling The Balance" that the Biden administration has failed to support our country's border agents.

The officers don't make much money, rarely have the public backing of politicians, are obligated to wear body armor daily, and also must worry about getting shot at any time.

And for the final indignity, the border agents could be branded as "racists," when the left-leaning media spins by-the-book conduct or apprehensions in a negative light.

"Now, why in the world would anyone want that job?" Justice asked rhetorically. "It's a crying shame. These are true heroes that we absolutely have kicked to the curb, and it's just terrible how we've reacted to these great people doing an incredible job for us."

Six states separate West Virginia from the U.S.-Mexico border, but that still hasn't stopped the mass influx of drugs — specifically fentanyl — from pouring into Justice's state.

"West Virginia's a long way from the southern border, but we're feeling the effects just like everyone (else in other areas)," says Justice, while characterizing the state's battle with fentanyl as "absolutely outrageous" right now.

According to the governor, drug seizures between 2018 and 2021 are up "1,700-plus percent" in West Virginia.

"Where is it coming from? It's coming from China. To the cartels. Across our southern border, and then making it all the way to West Virginia," says Justice.

Justice believes the group could make a big difference in reducing the chaos along the southern border.

The Biden administration reportedly allowed 1.66 million unlawful crossings during a 12-month cycle, covering parts of 2020 and 2021; preliminary estimates for 2022 have even more unlawful crossings documented.

The governor loathes the "super-left craziness" that comes out of the White House.

And if things don't get rectified soon, Justice says we'll be "hurting this country beyond belief."

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