Hageman to Newsmax: Not Just Challenging Cheney, but Running for Wyoming

Hageman to Newsmax: Not Just Challenging Cheney, but Running for Wyoming (Newsmax/''Spicer & Co.'')

By Luca Cacciatore | Monday, 15 August 2022 07:49 PM EDT

Republican Harriet Hageman told Newsmax on Monday that she is not only running against GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, but also running for the people of Wyoming.

The former Republican National Committee member, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, is challenging Cheney for Wyoming's at-large House district and is a favorite to win Tuesday's primary.

She informed ''Spicer & Co.'' that the election campaign has both been about removing Cheney, a frequent critic of Trump, and about her own platform, which ''resonates with the voters of Wyoming.''

''I talk a lot about our energy industry, protecting our farmers and ranchers, our small businesses, our families. I have a long record and history of working and fighting on behalf of Wyoming, Wyoming industries,'' Hageman said.

''This isn't just about voting against Liz Cheney. The reality is if and when I win tomorrow, Wyoming will finally have a representative that is from Wyoming, understands Wyoming, has been fighting for Wyoming, and will continue to fight for Wyoming and our industries,'' she added.

The House hopeful also said she does not believe Cheney has a chance at winning her race and knows it.

According to a poll conducted by the University of Wyoming from late July until early August, Hageman leads by a nearly 30-point margin. Meanwhile, state Rep. Anthony Bouchard was at 2%.

''I think she [Cheney] signals that [she's going to lose] repeatedly when she goes on the national press. Whether it's ABC or '60 Minutes' or CNN, whatever it is,'' Hageman said. ''The problem that Liz Cheney has is that Liz Cheney doesn't come to Wyoming.''


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