Hargray Cable Censors Trump Rally Speech!

Hargray Cable Censors Trump Rally Speech!

Thursday, 27 January 2022 10:38 AM

URGENT: President Trump’s rally will air live on Newsmax this weekend, EXCEPT if you are a subscriber of Hargray Cable.

Recently Hargray moved to close down Newsmax’s voice, despite the fact we have more viewership and ratings than 80% of the channels they carry.

With AT&T dropping conservative networks, make sure you let Hargray know you are demanding they bring back Newsmax!

Call Hargray today toll free at 1-877-427-4729

Hargray has made false claims about Newsmax. See our letter below.


Hargray Canceled Newsmax: Here’s the Truth

Dear Newsmax Supporter:

Hargray has dropped Newsmax from their customers' TV plans even though most channels they carry have much less viewership.

It’s clear why: They don’t like diverse viewpoints and they don’t like President Trump.

Stop the Cancel Culture.

Take action NOW and make sure Hargray doesn't censor Newsmax!

Call Hargray today toll free at 1-877-427-4729

Make sure you wait on the line and speak to a live agent.

Hargray doesn’t want you to speak to one of their agents.

They want your money – but not your opinion!

Publicly, they have been lying to their customers about Newsmax.

They claim we did not negotiate in good faith, but the truth is they dropped us in the middle of negotiations!

They claim we could not come to terms, when their negotiating agent did agree to terms for Newsmax.

They also falsely claim we give the service away free and demand them to pay, which is also NOT TRUE.

Hargray pays 11 liberal news and information channels much more money than Newsmax, though we have a higher viewership.

Please stand with Newsmax and for diversity in your cable lineup.

Call Hargray now.

Let them know if they don’t bring Newsmax back, you can CANCEL Hargray.

Your friends at Newsmax

Call Hargray today toll free at 1-877-427-4729