Harvard Cancels Feminist Speaker’s Talk on Literature Over Trans Views

Harvard Cancels Feminist Speaker's Talk on Literature Over Trans Views students sitting on steps A couple of students are seen at Harvard University premises in Cambridge, on July 8, 2020. (Anik Rahman/NurPhoto via AP)

By Nick Koutsobinas | Tuesday, 26 April 2022 06:02 AM

Devin Buckley, a feminist and philosopher slated to speak at Harvard University, was blocked by a staffer in the school's English department who, upon inviting her, learned she is against biological men competing against women in sports.

A member of Harvard's English department, Erin Saladin, learned after inviting Buckley to speak on English romanticism that she is a member of a feminist organization known as the Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), which opposes the notion that women athletes should compete against biological men.

In an email obtained by the National Review, Saladin writes: "On a more difficult note (especially for a Friday evening), I just looked up Devin Buckley so I could list the right title/affiliation on the application, and I noticed that she's on the board of a trans-exclusionary radical feminist organization. I also found at least one piece of her writing online that explicitly denies the possibility of trans identity. I can't ask for funding to invite a speaker who takes the public stance that trans people are dangerous or deceptive.

"I think hosting her would signal the colloquium as a hostile place for community members who are trans. I also doubt that Deidre and Jim will want to sign onto the application asking for funding for her visit — it could look pretty bad for them and the department," she adds.

Buckley, however, denied that her writings had anything negative to say about transgenderism as she criticized "woke" Harvard.

"I have never written anything hateful towards any transgender individual," Buckley said. "She didn't quote me once. She only made a number of spurious accusations. My articles basically claim that a human male cannot become female and saying you're a woman doesn't mean you are. I simply say women deserve fair play on sports teams, they deserve to not have men in their private spaces, to not have violent men in their prisons."

Buckley says she's been scorned because her work lacks the required narrative in academia: equity, arbitrary stances on diversity, and inclusion.

According to Breitbart, Buckley says, "in the academic job market, they want people who study gender specifically. My work has nothing to do with fashionable topics that get people hired. So you're implicitly disqualified if you don't go along with the woke ideology."

"Harvard has let me know that I cannot be a scholar of British romanticism because I do not believe there are male women," Buckley stated. "For my part, I'd rather be damned with the Romantics and Plato than go to woke heaven with Erin and the Harvard faculty."