House Dems Super PAC Unveils $100M Ad Blitz For Midterm Elections

House Dems Super PAC Unveils $100M Ad Blitz For Midterm Elections House Dems Super PAC Unveils $100M Ad Blitz For Midterm Elections House Democrats. (Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty)

By Jason Clemons | Wednesday, 30 March 2022 06:15 PM

House Democrats are ready to spend big on the media-messaging battle.

The House Majority PAC on Wednesday announced it had reserved $101.8 million worth of television and digital-ad buys for the final months of the 2022 midterm cycle, as a means of retaining the Democrats' House majority.

In its press release, the House Majority PAC outlined its general strategy for the primary and general-election months: more than $86 million to be earmarked for television; and $15.8 million to be devoted tofordigital reservations — "four times larger" than the 2020 election cycle.

According to The Hill, the House Democrat ads will spread across 50 prominent cities, "with the initial tranche focusing on expensive and crowded" markets.

"Thanks to the leadership of (Majority House) Speaker Nancy Pelosi, our Democratic House Majority has delivered for the American people, while Republicans have done nothing but obstruct and offer empty promises," said HMP Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell in a statement.

"Through these historic television and digital reservations, House Majority PAC is making it clear that it is taking the early steps to do whatever it takes to protect and secure a Democratic House Majority in 2022."

According to HMP figures, 34 U.S. markets will spend at least $700,000 promoting House Democrats in the coming months; and the ad blitz for 26 markets will exceed $1 million.

Among the biggest-spending markets: Las Vegas ($11.6 million), Los Angeles ($7.04 million), Phoenix ($6.15 million), Denver ($4.4 million), Detroit ($3.15 million), Philadelphia ($3.14 million), Washington D.C. ($3.02 million), and Portland, Ore. ($3.08 million).

Despite being a traditionally left-leaning state, California's hefty investment of more than $7 million will shed light on various redistricting issues; and in Nevada, the $11.6 million investment will be stretched out to accommodate one governor's race, one Senate race, and three House battles.

Chronicling the 435 current House seats, the Democrats own a slim advantage over Republicans (222-212), with one of the New York state seats remaining vacant.

According to, which tracks election trends for 2022, the Republicans have a 73% probability of claiming the majority in both the House and Senate, whereas the Democrats only have a 12% probability of maintaining majority in both chambers.


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