Hummer Destroyed in Fire After Hoarding Gasoline

Hummer Destroyed in Fire After Hoarding Gasoline Hummer Destroyed in Fire After Hoarding Gasoline Motorists line up at an Exxon station selling gas at $3.29 per gallon soon after it's fuel supply was replenished in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 12, 2021. (Logan Cyrus/AFP via Getty Images)

By Nick Koutsobinas | Thursday, 13 May 2021 05:17 PM

A Hummer caught fire in Citrus County, Florida, after its occupants had stockpiled around 20 gallons of gasoline, according to the Citrus County Chronicle.

The news comes a day before President Joe Biden on Thursday said, "Don't panic," according to The Hill. "I know seeing lines at the pumps or gas stations with no gas can be extremely stressful, but this is a temporary situation. Do not get more gas than you need in the next few days."

Firefighters told reporters they responded to a fire that occurred on Wednesday morning. The Hummer's driver had filled up around 20 gallons of gasoline and placed them in the back of the vehicle at a local Texaco Food Mart. The driver, who was injured, refused medical transport.

Florida State Fire Marshal's office will perform an investigation into what caused the fire.

News stories of long lines and hoarding gasoline are developing as a result of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. On Wednesday, the company announced it had begun to restart operations after a cyberattack last week caused them to shut down.

Biden has urged customers not to hoard fuel as shortages decrease. Biden had stated, "We expect the situation to begin to improve by the weekend and into early next week and gasoline supply is coming back online. Panic-buying will only slow the process."