Inflation Popular Topic With GOP Lawmakers Before Midterms: Data

Inflation Popular Topic With GOP Lawmakers Before Midterms: Data Inflation Popular Topic With GOP Lawmakers Before Midterms: Data The cereal aisle of a Giant Food supermarket on April 12, 2022 in North Bethesda, Maryland. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty)

By Charlie McCarthy | Monday, 18 April 2022 12:29 PM

With inflation rising at its fastest pace in more than 40 years, Republicans have been eager to remind voters about the issue.

GOP lawmakers have talked about inflation six times more often than Democrats since the beginning of the year, data compiled by Quorum shows, Axios reported.

Republicans have mentioned the word "inflation" at least 8,158 times in press releases, speeches, newsletters, and social media posts, according to Axios. Democrat lawmakers, meanwhile, only used the word 1,321 times.

The Labor Department said Tuesday that its consumer price index (CPI) jumped 8.5% in March from 12 months earlier — the biggest year-over-year increase since December 1981.

The Quorum data found that the word "inflation" was used most often on March 1, the day of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union. The date of each month’s CPI data releases also saw spikes in the word being mentioned.

The average gas price on Monday was $4.09, up from $2.87 the same day in 2021.

Confidence among U.S. single-family homebuilders fell to a seven-month low in April as surging mortgage rates and snarled supply chains boosted housing costs, shutting out some first-time buyers from the market, a survey showed Monday.

Biden and his team have tried to blame inflation on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine despite the fact prices had been rising before Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., last week called on Biden to "look in the mirror."

"If the Biden administration truly wants to find the cause of record high inflation all they have to do is look in the mirror," Graham said, the New York Post reported. "These dramatic, record-setting increases in inflation weren’t caused by Vladimir Putin, but by the bad choices of President Biden and the Democrats who control Congress."

"When they declare war on oil and gas, Americans end up with higher prices at the pump," the senator added. "When they spend with no end in sight, they drive up costs for average Americans and allow inflation to take a larger and larger chunk out of Americans’ hard-earned wages. When they adopt a weak foreign policy that invites the bad guys to take action, we get a troubled and dangerous world."

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., last week tweeted: "Inflation is at a 40-year high of 8.5% due to federal policies of borrowing & printing money at unfathomable levels & bad energy policy, which is hurting Floridians. Biden could unleash domestic energy production to provide relief. Instead, he is content watching people suffer."

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