Jason Aldean’s Wife Releases Range of Conservative Clothing Items

Jason Aldean's Wife Releases Range of Conservative Clothing Items jason and brittany aldean stand and smile on the red carpet at the country music awards Jason and Brittany Aldean (Xavier Collin/AP)

By Zoe Papadakis | Tuesday, 09 November 2021 11:39 AM

Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany, has released a range of right-leaning clothing items weeks after she was slammed for dressing their children in anti-Biden merchandise.

The clothing line, which is the result of a partnership between Brittany and Jason's sister, Kasi Rosa Wicks, features four unisex T-shirt and sweatshirt designs that will only be on sale for a short period of time. Brittany revealed the items in an Instagram post Monday, explaining a portion of the proceeds will benefit Special Forces Charitable Trust, which supports military families.

"This is a flash sale so these pieces will only be available for 3 days, then gone forever‼️" she captioned a photo of herself, Jason, Kasi, and her husband Chuck Wicks modeling the clothing items.

The clothing line, which was also unveiled in Brittany's Instagram stories, includes a grey crewneck sweater that reads "Unapologetically Conservative," a green, long-sleeved T-shirt with the slogan "Military Lives Matter" on the front, a blue hooded sweatshirt that reads "Un-silent Majority," and a gray T-shirt that states "We the People" in small print on the front, and "This is our f**king country" on the back.

Earlier this year Brittany caused a stir after posting a series of photos showing herself and her and Jason's children wearing clothing with slogans targeting President Joe Biden. In one photo she is seen standing next to Jason, wearing a T-shirt that reads, "Anti Biden Social Club." In another photo their children, aged 2 and 3, are wearing matching shirts with the phrase "Hidin' from Biden." The post drew widespread criticism that prompted Jason to defend his wife.

Replying to one commenter who called his wife "delusional" for thinking Trump's path for America "was any better," Jason wrote: "Watch ur mouth lady! We will teach our kids what we think is right and what we think is best for their future," according to Yahoo! Entertainment. "If you think what is happening right now is 'great' for the future of our kids and grandkids, u are delusional!" Jason said, adding, "Definitely better than what we got now! Please tell me one thing that the current administration has done that is positive? Just 1!!!"

The country music star then wrote in a post on his own Instagram account he will "never apologize for my beliefs or my love for my family and country."

"This is the greatest country in the world, and I want to keep it that way," he added.