JD Vance to Newsmax: ‘I Don’t Trust These People’ in DC on Russia-Ukraine

JD Vance to Newsmax: 'I Don't Trust These People' in DC on Russia-Ukraine (Newsmax Ohio Town Hall)

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 20 April 2022 09:39 PM

J.D. Vance, Ohio GOP primary candidate for U.S. Senate, admits having taken "flak" for saying he cares more about the U.S. border than Ukraine's, but ultimately he said he just does not "trust these people" in the Biden administration.

"We've got to remember you go to war with the generals that you have, and right now, the United States has two generals on the world stage: They're named Joe Biden, Kamala Harris," Vance told host Rob Schmitt in an exclusive Newsmax town hall Wednesday night at Ohio Wesleyan University's Chappelear Drama Center in Delaware, Ohio.

"I don't trust these people. I do not trust these people to lead us into a crisis. So, we've got to be de-escalating and getting out of that crisis."

Schmitt asked Vance about his controversial statement that made headlines.

"I think it's ridiculous that we're focused on this border in Ukraine," Vance said as Russia was invading Ukraine in a war that started Feb. 24. "I gotta be honest with you: I don't really care what happens to Ukraine one way or the other."

Vance, a Marine Corps veteran, said he stands behind his words — not because of a lack of compassion for Ukraine — but because of the Biden administration's lack of consideration for their own country first.

"I do, because I think the point of my remarks is you've got to separate our emotions as individuals from the care and concern of policymakers in Washington, D.C.," Vance told Schmitt. "I think what's going on in Ukraine is tragic, of course.

"I said that before the invasion. Look, I see the images that everybody else sees. It's tragic, right; it's terrible, and I think that [Vladimir] Putin should have never invaded the country, and I think, you know, we're doing some good things to try to push back against what he's done; you know, sending aid, sending defensive weapons and so forth.

"At the same time, when I see the corporate media spending 30 minutes on Ukraine for every one minute on the U.S. southern border — and 20 minutes on Ukraine for every one minute on inflation — I look around and say, 'don't we have our own problems at home and shouldn't our leadership focus on those problems more than what's going on over there?'

"That really is my point. You're right, I've taken a lot of flak for it."

Vance said that a war with Russia should not be waged with Biden and Harris in the White House, and some of those criticizing him for his past remarks about Ukraine's border are too eager to amp up the hostilities.

"Some of these candidates have gone so crazy on this, where they proposed a European-led no-fly zone," Vance continued. "Well, Europe is in NATO, which means if Europe gets in a war with Russia now, all of a sudden, America is in a war with Russia.

"The idea that we're even talking about that when we've got so many problems here at home, I think it's ridiculous."

Vance concluded the border crisis has him believing the Biden administration needs to "show a little concern, a little compassion for your own people."

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