Jim Jordan Sides With Big Tech Over Conservative Opposition, Jordan Responds

Jim Jordan Sides With Big Tech Over Conservative Opposition, Jordan Responds Newsmax

By By Newsmax Editorial | Thursday, 29 September 2022 11:54 AM EDT

With a House floor vote set this afternoon on three antitrust bills that will undermine the power of Big Tech and increase competition, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is opposing these bills.

With Jordan the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and likely its next chairman, Newsmax was shocked that the strong conservative would join with Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Big Tech giants in opposing these relatively mild anti-trust measures.

The bills also enjoy strong support from conservative leaders, thinks tanks and media.

But Newsmax’s Wednesday story on the matter, "Rep. Ken Buck Targets Big Tech as GOP Leadership Wobbles," apparently angered Jordan.

On Thursday his Judiciary staff Communications Director fired off this statement to Newsmax:

"I don't know who orchestrated this lazy and disingenuous editorial disguised as a news piece of Mr. Jordan, but there is no one tougher in Congress on Big Tech than him. There are some really important and good provisions in these bills, but the centerpiece of all this legislation is a vehicle to set aside hundreds of millions of dollars for the Biden FTC and DOJ, who have been on a crusade for woke capitalism, and that’s something Mr. Jordan has serious concerns about. This is especially true because we have not yet had the FTC or DOJ antitrust divisions in for oversight hearings and because an important amendment adopted at Committee is not included in the bill heading to the floor. This legislation does not even address Big Tech censorship, but it does empower Joe Biden and Big Government. Giving the Biden DOJ and FTC more money to ‘take on’ Big Tech is an answer only the Swamp can come up with. Mr. Jordan has released a REAL proposal to take on Big Tech, which you can read here. We’re very disappointed Newsmax didn’t reach out for comment prior to this article running."

Here are the facts:

Newsmax did not contact Jordan’s office for comment because our Wednesday report extensively quoted his public statements on the matter.

Jordan's argument is that Republicans should not support these bills, which offer relatively mild limitations on Big Tech, for several reasons.

Jordan claims he has a bigger plan to go after Big Tech, that the bills do not address internet censorship, that the bills provide funding for the Biden DOJ to enforce the anti-competition provisions, and because Democrats support the bill.

All of this strikes us as a clever way of saying Jim Jordan won't put mild restrictions on Big Tech.

So who cares Democrats support it if it's a good bill?

And it’s true, the bills don’t address censorship.

But why not take small steps to limit Big Tech now and address censorship in the next Congress?

Of course, these measures need funding and the GOP will have oversight of that funding soon.

As for the Jordan plan to stop Big Tech, we’d love to see that next year when Republicans take control of Congress.

But send a message now to Big Tech against companies who are taking active measures at this very minute to block, thwart and even close down conservative media like Newsmax.

Remember these anti-trust bills are supported by the conservative Heritage Foundation and many conservatives including Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, Byron Donalds, Matt Gaetz and many others.

We are deeply troubled that Big Tech continues its war on conservative media knowing Jim Jordan is about to become the next Judiciary Committee chairman.

Even the American Conservative publication took Jordan to task for standing up for a “modest proposal” to reign in Big Tech in their must-read piece "Tech Hawks Meet Resistance to a ‘Modest Proposal."

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, a group fighting Big Tech, is quoted in the article: "This is a modest proposal. This is time for Republicans who pretend they want to hold Big Tech accountable. This is time for them to put up or shut up."

The American Conservative noted that "when the Facebook Oversight Board upheld the company’s decision to ban President Trump from Facebook and Instagram in May of last year, Jordan tweeted, 'Break them up.'"

But then the publication asked, "Catchy, far-reaching political slogans or common-sense policy?"

And Jordan’s approach the that DOJ’s anti-trust division should be blocked from funding makes little sense to us.

Even the Claremont Institute’s American Mind asked if Jordan’s real goal here is "to defund the (antitrust) police."

Big Tech has their foot on the neck of conservative media.

We're not buying catchy slogans from Jim Jordan or anyone else.

We expect Congress, and House Republicans, to back limitations on Big Tech and their monopolies.

Please note: if you side with Big Tech, you won’t have our vote.

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