Job Listings Requiring Vaccination Double in October: Report

Job Listings Requiring Vaccination Double in October: Report Job Listings Requiring Vaccination Double in October: Report

(David Zalubowski/AP)

By Charles Kim | Wednesday, 03 November 2021 06:52 PM

The number of online job listings that require a COVID vaccination doubled in October, according to an analysis by the job website Ladders.

The site reported Tuesday that 5% of postings mention vaccine mandates, increasing 100% from September.

According to the report, the analysis not only included listings on its own site, but also ''millions'' of job posts on other search and company websites in the U.S. and Canada.

''It's very rare for us to see something where there is 100% growth month over month in the behavior change of how companies handle corporate job postings,'' Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella said in the report. ''At this level alone, it's unprecedented.''

Cenedella said that the trend is going to continue to rise, and that people protesting the mandates or walking off their jobs because of them will not affect growth in the number of jobs requiring vaccination.

''Walkouts are principled decisions in response to things like vaccine mandates, but you have to understand that the companies are making a decision about what's best for their business,'' Cenedella said. ''I think companies are taking into account that some percentage of their workforce will walk out.''

The company believes that the rate will ''dramatically'' increase in the coming month but stabilize by this time next year.

''It's going to become so commonplace that it's going to be assumed rather than requested,'' he said.

Ladders Inc. is a career site for people searching for professional opportunities and jobs with six-figure salaries, according to the company.

The company said it has more than 7 million members.

Other job sites such as Indeed are seeing similar trends.

The company reported data on Oct. 26 that found a vaccination requirement was placed on 2% of that site's listings in October, including 7% of pharmacy and childcare job listings, with Washington state leading with 5% of listings requiring vaccination.

An Oct. 28 KFF report said that 25% of workers say that their employer requires COVID vaccination, an increase of 16 percentage points since June, when only 9% of workers reported a mandate.

The number of respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, in the workplace rose nearly 4,000% in 2020, going from 10,800 in 2019 to 428,700 last year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Wednesday.

The bureau categorizes an incident of illness relating to COVID as becoming infected because of work-related duties and other criteria.

The BLS report said there was no specific category for COVID-19 in its classifications.