John Bolton to Newsmax: Pelosi Trip Did Nothing but ‘Reiterate Policy’

John Bolton to Newsmax: Pelosi Trip Did Nothing but 'Reiterate Policy' John Bolton to Newsmax: Pelosi Trip Did Nothing but 'Reiterate Policy'

Donald Trump, left, and John Bolton, during NATO Summit 2018 press conference. (Gints Ivuskans/

By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 03 August 2022 05:08 PM EDT

Former national security adviser to President Donald Trump John Bolton told Newsmax that China's vehement rhetoric in the face of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan was a matter of "wolf warrior diplomacy."

Speaking on "American Agenda," Bolton described the posturing as a kind of theater. "Wolf warrior diplomacy" was coined from China's highest-grossing action flick up to that point: "Wolf Warrior (2015)."

"I think the Chinese government is hyperventilating about Nancy Pelosi's trip. The only thing she did was reiterate existing American policy, which I think is too bad because I think our policy toward Taiwan is not strong enough," Bolton said.

"And I think the Chinese are trying to show that they can bully the United States into where our senior officials go, which I find unacceptable. But will they do anything concrete? So far, they haven't."

Botlon said both China and the Democrats were resorting to old tactics. "I think there's a lot of the blue smoke and mirrors going on here. I'm not doubting their capabilities, but I think this is a form of theater. The Chinese themselves have a name for it. They now call it wolf warrior diplomacy. And they're hoping that we twitch when they go through these exercises," Kirby added.

According to Peter Martin, author of "China's Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy," "Wolf warrior diplomacy has become the shorthand expression for a new, assertive brand of Chinese diplomacy.

"In the past, Chinese diplomats tended to keep a lower profile and to be quite cautious and moderate in the way that they interacted with the outside world. Recently, however, they have become far more strident and assertive — exhibiting behavior that ranges from storming out of an international meeting to shouting at foreign counterparts and even insulting foreign leaders."

"This turn in Chinese foreign policy," Martin said, "has been slowly building since 2008–9 and accelerated after Xi Jinping came to office in 2012–13. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese diplomats felt under attack but also proud of the way that their country has handled the crisis.

"The new mixture of confidence and increasing insecurity combined to create what we now call wolf warrior diplomacy."

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