Jon Voight: ‘Democrat Fools’ Guilty of ‘Lies, Tricks’ After Trump Raid

Jon Voight: 'Democrat Fools' Guilty of 'Lies, Tricks' After Trump Raid Jon Voight (AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 15 August 2022 08:09 AM EDT

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, in a pair of videos posted on Twitter this weekend, attacked the "Democrat fools" who he says are lying about last week's FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's home and says the "evil ones" are guilty of "lies, tricks, and corrupt action" against him.

"We must not allow our nation to crawl into a hole," Voight said in the first part of his Twitter message. "We must not allow evil to overtake us all … let's use our power, the power we came to earth for, for good, for love, for peace, for truth. It's the God-given power, the power of the almighty. Let us all pray that Donald Trump rises from this evil act upon him and makes a comeback stronger than ever."

Sunday, Trump claimed the FBI, when it carried out a search warrant at his Mar-a-Lago property last Monday, seized "executive privileged material" and demanded the agency return the materials.

Further, Republicans are demanding that the affidavit that justified the search warrant be made public. In the warrant, released late last week, it was claimed that Trump had 11 sets of classified documents at his home, and that there was probable cause for the Justice Department to conduct the search over claims of Espionage Act violations.

Voight, a strong Trump supporter, questioned what charges Trump could face, if any.

"He shall be charged for what?" he said. "For being straightforward? For allowing all to understand the meaning of America, the land of the free? Is this a medieval time, a time when being wrongly condemned is to be expected?"

Such "barbaric actions" against Trump will "only prove that the evil ones are afraid of the truth being exposed and the greed and deceit will only show that the Democrat fools are guilty of lies, tricks, and corrupt abuse toward the only president who has the best interest of the American people in this country, the United States of America," Voight added.

But, he said, "he who resides with evil will be brought to his knees for redemption, and God should show all the truth, that President Trump was the only man that was beaten down by lies."

However, "liberty will show itself once again, with the hands, the knowledge, the love, the sweat and tears of each and every man and woman who is proud to be an American," said Voight in the second part of his posts. "Let us come together and allow the truth to finally open up the gates for this nation's glory, our hope, our future, our children, our love for one another, and our greatest choices, our free will, our home – the land of the free. God bless America, and let's bring President Trump back to help once again the Tree of Life, the Statue of Liberty, God's glory."

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