Journalist Lara Logan to Newsmax: US Has No Southern Border

Journalist Lara Logan to Newsmax: US Has No Southern Border (Newsmax/''Eric Bolling: The Balance'')

By Charles Kim | Monday, 25 April 2022 06:39 PM

Journalist Lara Logan told Newsmax on Monday that because of President Joe Biden's policies on immigration; the United States has ''no southern border.''

''If you look at the last six months of the last fiscal year, there were around 330,000 apprehensions [at the southern border]. For this fiscal year, the first six months has officially recorded over a million apprehensions. And these are just the apprehensions that we're acknowledging,'' Logan said on ''Eric Bolling: The Balance." ''Effectively, right now we have no southern border.''

Logan said the numbers do not include the thousands of ''got-aways,'' migrants that crossed the border illegally and were not apprehended, or the migrants who were turned back after trying to come across.

She said this is all before the coming end to Title 42 in May, the public health law that allowed immigrants to be sent back to their countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Department of Homeland Security said March 30 that it is preparing a strategy to deal with an increasing number of migrants coming across the border illegally once Title 42 ends on May 23.

The agency said its new strategies would include ''acquiring and deploying resources to address increased volumes, delivering a more efficient and fair immigration process, processing and removing those who do not have valid claims, and working with other countries in the Western Hemisphere to manage migration and address root causes.''

''Violence, food insecurity, poverty, and lack of economic opportunity in several countries in the Western Hemisphere are driving unprecedented levels of migration to our Southwest Border,'' the agency said announcing the new measures.

''The devastating economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the region has only exacerbated these challenges. Human smuggling organizations peddle misinformation that the border is open. DHS is implementing a comprehensive strategy to address a potential increase in the number of border encounters.''

Logan said that even the earlier administration of former President Barack Obama, where Biden served as vice president, acknowledged a crisis at the southern border, terminology that is now noticeably absent in remarks from the Biden administration.

''Even during the Obama administration, we would hear about the crisis on the border,'' she said. ''At no point has this administration ever acknowledged this as a crisis. They have the policy they want. They have the results that they want and actually, the language that they're using is the language of the United Nations. It's the language of the global elite.''

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