K.T. McFarland to Newsmax: Cutting Trump’s China Tariffs the ‘Wrong Thing’

KT McFarland to Newsmax: Cutting Trump's China Tariffs a 'Wrong Thing' K.T. McFarland K.T. McFarland. (AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 15 June 2022 11:19 AM

President Joe Biden would be doing the "wrong thing" if he removes some of former President Donald Trump's tariffs on China, K.T. McFarland, Trump's deputy national security advisor, said on Newsmax Wednesday.

"It's not going to make a darn bit of difference on supply-chain problems or on inflation," McFarland, now a board member for the American Conservative Union, told Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "The real reason we have inflation is because of Biden's war on fossil fuels and because of the lollapalooza spending of the Biden administration, so it's not going to help. It's not going to help the economy."

Removing the tariffs would also send a signal to China that it can do "more or less whatever you want, and we're so nervous about the inflation and supply chain problems that we're not even going to slap you on the wrist," said McFarland.

That could lead China to conclude that the time is right to take action against Taiwan, she said, adding that that kind of action doesn't necessarily mean a military attack, but it could include going after the country's microprocessing facilities, which make up about 90% of the world's microchips.

Meanwhile, the White House on Tuesday announced Biden's upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia in July, but McFarland said she does not believe the Saudis will be receptive to a request to bring down global world prices for oil by increasing supplies, or for that matter, to Biden.

"Joe Biden has made it a real point, not only when he was vice president but particularly as president, to turn his back on Saudi Arabia and to help its mortal enemy, Iran become rich and a nuclear power," said McFarland. "The Saudi crown prince, the guy who runs Saudi Arabia, wasn't even taking Joe Biden's phone calls a couple of weeks ago.

"So I don't think he's going to have a whole lot of traction with the Saudis in trying to convince them to pump more oil. And even if he did it, again, it's not going to make a difference on inflation."

Instead, the United States must get back to producing oil and natural gas and to have a more responsible budget, she said.


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