Kamala Harris Gives Air Force Two Reporters Cookies With Her Likeness

Kamala Harris Gives Air Force Two Reporters Cookies With Her Likeness kamala harris walks off plane Vice President Kamala Harris arrives at Benito Juarez International Airport for her official visit to Mexico on June 07, 2021, in Mexico City, Mexico. (Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

By Charlie McCarthy | Tuesday, 08 June 2021 11:55 AM

Twitter users blasted Vice President Kamala Harris after she gave reporters aboard Air Force Two cookies featuring her own likeness.

Harris handed out the cookies, said to have been provided by a Black-owned Washington, D.C. bakery, during her first trip abroad as the nation’s second-highest executive.

One of cookies was shown in a Twitter post by USA Today White House correspondent Courtney Subramanian on Sunday night.

"@vp made an OTR visit to the back of the plane and delivered cookies decorated with the shape of her likeness as well as AF2," Subramanian tweeted.

Republicans and other people quickly commented on the cookies, with some claiming narcissism and one saying it was "extremely disturbing behavior." There also were complaints about tax dollars being misused.

"The country is over $28 trillion in debt and the @VP is spending your tax dollars to give cookies that look like her to the media," tweeted the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in the House of Representatives.

"But President Trump was egotistical and a narcissist, right? Riiiiight……," Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., tweeted.

"Kamala found time to hand out cookies of her face to reporters but couldn’t find time to remember D-Day on social media. Narcissist," tweeted Tim Swain, a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in South Carolina,

"handing out cookies with your own likeness on it – definitely normal," CNN commentator Scott Jennings tweeted.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel criticized Harris' gesture during the trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where she supposedly hopes to find the root cause of the migration crisis at the southern border.

"Handing out cookies with her face on them as the border crisis rages… The modern-day equivalent of 'let them eat cake,'" McDaniel tweeted above Subramanian’s post.

Lauren Chen tweeted: "I thought someone gave Kamala cookies that look like her. That would've been a cute gift. Instead, she gave cookies that look like her to other people. That's a narcissistic AF and a totally weird gift."

Radio host Erick Erickson described the cookie in his comment about Subramanian’s tweet. "Her face is melting. She has no eyes. And she wore a pearl necklace," Erickson tweeted.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh called the cookies extremely "disturbing behavior" in his tweet.

"Here you go, everyone. I thought you might like to eat my face. What a weirdo. Extremely disturbing behavior," Walsh said.

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