Kash Patel to Newsmax: NYC Subway Attack Not Likely Domestic Terrorism

Kash Patel to Newsmax: NYC Subway Attack Not Likely Domestic Terrorism kash patel walking with a group of people Kash Patel (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 13 April 2022 09:10 AM

The investigation into Tuesday's attack in a New York City subway will not likely be classified as an act of domestic terrorism, Kash Patel, a Defense Department official during former President Donald Trump's administration, tells Newsmax.

"It's classified as domestic terrorism if it meets a number of thresholds that the federal sentencing guidelines issue," Patel, a former terrorism prosecutor, said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "Some of those thresholds include [that] you have to be motivated to attack a certain group of people because of your beliefs or your ethical beliefs or ethnic beliefs in a certain ideology. I haven't seen anything on them."

The New York City Police Department Tuesday named a "person of interest" in the incident, which involved an assailant who emptied a smoke canister on an early morning Brooklyn subway before opening fire on its passengers.

That person, identified as Frank James, rented a U-Haul vehicle that was found in Brooklyn and believed to have been involved in the crime, it was established.

Patel said that he believes there will need to be a separate investigation into whether the act was a crime of domestic terrorism, and said he disagrees with New York City Mayor Eric Adams' comparison of the subway attack to the mass shootings at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

"What needs to be happening is a manhunt, an all-out manhunt to try to find this individual," rather than come to conclusions, said Patel, adding that it "might be" an instance of domestic terrorism but he doesn't think it is.

Meanwhile, it is a serious concern that cameras at the scene were not working in real-time when the train that came under attack was arriving, said Patel.

Video footage is one of the most important aspects of such an investigation, Patel said, but now, he said it's "shocking" that "we've found out that New York City, which is supposed to be the best city in the world, their premier law enforcement agency can no longer rely on the efficacy of its videotaping skills."

The FBI reportedly has a file on James, as it has had on several people who have been accused of mass shootings, and Patel said the Biden administration, rather than focus the agency's efforts on "white supremacy, white rage, and phantom crimes that don't exist," should instead prioritize the FBI's efforts on crime.

"Re-prioritize them going after terrorists, going after murderers, rapists, and robbers and re-prioritize the fact that we are allowing illegal immigrants into this country, giving them a free pass, and when they do get arrested, we're giving them bond again to go back out," said Patel. "I'm just guessing this guy has a pretty long list of priors. What was he doing out with that long list of prior convictions? Why didn't the FBI and the New York City police department go and pick him up?"

Patel, however, said he doesn't blame law enforcement officials on the ground, but instead, he blames those higher levels who are "politicizing the national security law enforcement apparatus for gain for their next headline instead of letting the men and women who signed up to serve and do their job."

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