Kathy Barnette to Newsmax: ‘Absolutely, I Want Our Party to Win’

Kathy Barnette to Newsmax: 'Absolutely, I Want Our Party to Win' kathy barnette speaks during a newsmax pennsylvania senate republican primary debate Kathy Barnette (Newsmax)

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 21 May 2022 11:17 AM

Despite facing a barrage of political attacks in the final week after a well-regarded performance in a Newsmax debate, Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate Kathy Barnette vows to support the eventual winner between Dr. Mehmet Oz or David McCormick.

"I support whoever comes out of this, of course, right?" Barnette told "Saturday Report." "I mean right now standing, trying to pick between the two is like trying to pick between six in one and a half dozen in another. There's very little distinction between the two.

"But whoever should prevail out of this process, absolutely I want our party to win."

While Barnette is a too far out of the tally to win in the expected recount to come, the real losers in the primary are the Pennyslvanians who have to suffer through another contested election that could not be solved on Election Day, she lamented to host Rita Cosby.

"It's really sad for the people, especially coming out of 2020 with those of us specifically on the Republican side," Barnette told Cosby. "It's quite disheartening is what I'm hearing among the people of once again having to sit back and wait at any election not being definitive.

"So my heart goes out to the people here in Pennsylvania of wanting to know who that person is going to be to represent them in the fall, so that we can get busy winning, right? Because it's very important that we do so."

Barnette admits if she had gotten the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, she would have not only been a "shoo-in" in the GOP primary but also the general election against Democrat Sen.-nominee John Fetterman in November.

"Everyone wanted President Trump's endorsement for obvious reason: His endorsement carries a tremendous amount of weight and influence," Barnette said. "It opens up doors and would have made my race so much easier. I believe we would have been a shoo-in to win in the general election, but nonetheless — as I said once before — MAGA does not belong to President Trump. He coined the word. But the movement, in and of itself, it belongs to the people."

Barnette, referencing the hailed Make American Great Again (MAGA) mantra, added Trump's "voice" remains strong in the party, but "he's not Jesus" and "we're not in a cult."

"He gets to be wrong, and the people saw a lot of his base thought that he was wrong on that endorsement," Barnette continued. "I believe that his voice is very valuable, and we want that voice in this race. Our our nation is in trouble. There are people who are very anti-anything America First.

"And so we need our people, our voices such as Trump's to remain strong and viable and a leader. And we don't want him picking people that go against what MAGA actually stands for."


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