Kelly Tshibaka to Newsmax: DC Won’t Control Alaska’s Choice for Senate

Kelly Tshibaka to Newsmax: DC Won't Control Alaska's Choice for Senate (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Jeremy Frankel | Thursday, 27 October 2022 09:38 PM EDT

The choice for Alaska's next senator will not be decided by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., or anyone else in the Washington, D.C., establishment, candidate Kelly Tshibaka told Newsmax Thursday.

Tshibaka is looking to defeat Republican incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and McConnell is spending millions to help Murkowski, against the wishes of the Alaska Republican Party, which endorsed Tshibaka. The Alaska GOP censured and removed Murkowski last year, and recently voted to censure McConnell as well.

"McConnell is more concerned about preserving his position as leader even if we have a minority than he is about getting us a Republican majority and pushing back on this radical Biden agenda," Tshibaka told "Eric Bolling the Balance."

"He knows that he can control Lisa Murkowski. She's bought and bullied and boxed in by the establishment. He doesn't care that he's defying the determination of the delegates of the Republican Party in Alaska. They censured her and removed her before I ever announced my candidacy.

"Our Republican Party didn't start in Washington, D.C. It started as a grassroots movement of people here in the states, of the people, by the people, for the people, and so he comes in here and try to tell us who is going to be our senator, it's very upsetting to us," Tshibaka continued.

"He's invested millions and millions in dark money in this campaign, forcing his will on the people of Alaska. I don't believe it's going to work."

Tshibaka noted differences between herself and Murkowski, such as Murkowski's support of President Joe Biden's environmentalist nominees, who, according to Tshibaka, "have killed our industry and our jobs up here in Alaska."

"Alaskans are really suffering," Tshibaka said.

Tshibaka noted as well that Murkowski "looks out for the interests of D.C., not Alaskans. She says one thing in Alaska and then does the opposite in D.C. She ran paid ads up here, saying that Biden was coming to grab our guns, while she worked with McConnell and Biden on gun control legislation and red flag laws."

Murkowski is also "accepting millions and millions in dark money contributions," Tshibaka added. "There's been more dark money spent on her behalf than either her or my campaign has spent combined.

"We don't want a senator who speaks for dark money, lower forty-eight interests and Washington, D.C. We want a senator who represents the voices of Alaska, won't be silenced, won't be bullied and won't be controlled by the establishment. That independent voice is what's needed right now to lead our nation forward."

Tshibaka maintains that, despite all that is working against it, the momentum is with her campaign.

"Alaskans aren't fooled," Tshibaka said. "I've knocked on thousands of doors and talked with thousands of people across our great state. We are ready for a change. We are ready for Alaska to become, once again, the source of power for our nation, and we can create the nation and advance it with our minerals, build the nation with our timber, we can secure the nation with our national security posture, feed the nation with our fish; of course, we inspire the nation with our tourism.

"But we can't do any of that for the United States of America with Biden shutting us down, and he targeted us on Day One, and Murkowski is helping him. We need strong leadership in D.C., and I'm that person."


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