Key Evidence From JFK Assassination Sells at Auction for $75,000

Key Evidence From JFK Assassination Sells at Auction for $75,000 lee harvey oswald talks to media In this Nov. 23, 1963, file photo, Lee Harvey Oswald talks to the media as he is led down a corridor of the Dallas police station in connection with the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. (AP Photo)

By Theodore Bunker | Friday, 12 November 2021 02:25 PM

The key piece of evidence that proved Lee Harvey Oswald had the expertise to fire the shot that killed President John F. Kennedy sold at auction for $75,000, the Washington Examiner reports.

RR Auctions in Boston sold the U.S. Marine Corps Score Book that showed Oswald in the "sharpshooter" range, which is the second-best ranking behind "expert," on the day before Veterans Day, which was the 246th anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps, according to the Examiner.

The book shows that Oswald’s marksmanship was tested with a rifle in five separate exercises, including firing slowly from 200, 300, and 500 yards, and firing quickly from 200 and 300 yards. These records show that Oswald scored 212 based on the Marine’s scoring system, just above the cutoff for sharpshooter at 210.

Oswald filled out the book, which was issued on Dec. 3, 1956, with a pencil, and it demonstrates his ability with a rifle during his time in the Marines, which the Warren Commission used to determine that he had the ability to fire the shot that killed Kennedy, stating that "Oswald possessed the capability with a rifle which enabled him to commit the assassination."

"It's an extraordinary piece of history used as a major exhibit of evidence in the Warren Commission conclusions implicating Lee Harvey Oswald to the Kennedy assassination," RR Auction Executive Vice President Bobby Livingston said in a statement.

Oswald, who denied committing the shooting, was killed before a trial could take place, being shot just two days after the incident.