Kim Guilfoyle to Newsmax: Fauci ‘Dead Wrong’ on ‘Trying to Lead This Country’

Kim Guilfoyle to Newsmax: Fauci 'Dead Wrong' on 'Trying to Lead This Country' (Newsmax's "Cortes & Pellegrino")

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 08 December 2021 10:24 PM

Lamenting "forced vaccinations" and endless calls for more boosters, Kimberly Guilfoyle on Newsmax excoriated the Dr. Anthony Fauci-led public health regime.

"Just when you think it can't get worse, it does," Guilfoyle, a former senior adviser in the Trump administration, told co-hosts Jenn Pellegrino and Mercedes Schlapp.

"Dr. Fauci is just dead wrong in terms of where he's trying to lead this country," she added, warning about the continued pressuring of vaccine mandates leading ostensibly creating "forced vaccination." "And it's really something that everyone should be up in arms about. It violates our liberty and violates our privacy.

"I'm really shocked and bothered by this – to see that this is the trajectory that were going on."

Vaccination should be a personal and – in the case of children – a parental decision, she added.

"This is really about big government and Big Pharma and not about the average American family," she said.

"They're playing politics with people's lives and politics with people's health, and it's unacceptable."

Guilfoyle noted the politics of fear is right out of the Democrats' political playbook.

"There's nothing that the Democrats and liberals don't love more than a good lockdown, because then they're able to, in fact, control and exercise more power and dominion over our personal lives and our freedoms, and really eliminating and stripping away choice from Americans," she continued.

"We fought too hard in this country to let them do this to us."

Guilfoyle did note Democrat Mayor-elect Eric Adams is promising to make things "right" in New York City once he takes office from termed-out Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"I do believe and have faith that Eric Adams is going to try to right the ship, and he has given certain assurances, you know, publicly that he's going to do that," Guilfoyle concluded.

"Because you cannot sustain a metropolitan city that is really big such a leader across the country and internationally in commerce."

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