Kimberly Guilfoyle to Newsmax: FBI May Have Planted ‘Listening Devices’

Kimberly Guilfoyle to Newsmax: FBI May Have Planted 'Listening Devices' kimberly guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 10 August 2022 09:42 PM EDT

In addition to former President Donald Trump's concern the feds might have been "planting" evidence during Monday's Mar-a-Lago raid, Kimberly Guilfoyle warned on Newsmax the FBI might have planted "listening devices."

"They didn't allow anybody to supervise what they were doing, and they specifically requested to turn off the security cameras," Guilfoyle, the fiancée of Donald Trump Jr., told Wednesday's "Prime News" with Jenn Pellegrino. "Why? Because they didn't want to be caught with what they were doing. How do you know there weren't listening devices planted or evidence planted there?

"It's something that has to be investigated and checked out, and we want to see the affidavit and what was their probable cause to be able to go in there and break into the president's home."

Regardless of this endless search of a crime, Guilfoyle said her future father-in-law's base is only growing stronger over this injustice.

"I campaigned and go all across the country with him, meeting everybody, and the support of the president is literally unprecedented," she concluded. "It's more than 2016. It's more than 2020.

"So these people, their worst living nightmare is President Trump back in the White House. Well, it's about to happen."


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