Klitschko Brothers to Newsmax: Ukraine Needs More Assistance From US

Klitschko Brothers to Newsmax: Ukraine Needs More Assistance From US (Newsmax's "Eric Bolling: The Balance"

By Solange Reyner | Wednesday, 13 April 2022 09:57 PM

The Klitschko brothers — Wladimir and Vitali — are calling on the Biden administration to provide more assistance to Ukraine.

"Before the war started, world leaders including the U.S. president said if Russia will cross the line and invade Ukraine, the consequences are going to be severe," Wladimir told Newsmax's "Eric Bolling: The Balance."

"Unfortunately, for the past 49 days, severe consequences have been taken by the Ukrainian population," he added.

"All the loss of infrastructure, the killings, just shows we definitely need support, support from the United States. We need weapons and isolation, economic isolation of Russia. Oil gas embargo, for instance. Isolation where you cannot trade with Russia because when you trade with Russia, they get money in their budget, which means more weapons and more soldiers killing us Ukrainians."

Vitali, the mayor of Kyiv, added: "it's never enough," in reference to assistance that has already been provided by the U.S. and other countries.

"We need more. Thank you very much for the support and help, but it's not enough. We need defensive weapons to defend our country."

Their comments come as the Russian military is potentially preparing for a "large-scale offensive" in the east of Ukraine in the coming days.

"All experts expect a big battle the next few days," said Vitali.

He stressed that it was "difficult to understand how horrible the situation is in our city."

"People are homeless, the lives of millions of Ukrainians are destroyed," he said. "It's difficult to see that on TV, in newspapers, to feel the smoke, to see the bodies."

"I've seen too many dead bodies in Bucha, Gostomel, right after Russian forces left those cities," Wladimir added. "Those images are terrifying. It's just horror here on Earth. Just seeing those civilians with hands tied behind their backs, you could see they were executed with head shots."

President Joe Biden on Wednesday spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to share that he was authorizing an additional $800 million in weapons.

"This new package of assistance will contain many of the highly effective weapons systems we have already provided and new capabilities tailored to the wider assault we expect Russia to launch in eastern Ukraine," Biden said in a statement.

"We cannot rest now. As I assured President Zelenskyy, the American people will continue to stand with the brave Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom," Biden added.

Zelenskyy in a tweet following the call, said the leaders had discussed the "Russian war crimes, additional package of defensive and possible macro-financial aid" and "agreed to enhance sanctions."

The U.S. has provided nearly $2.5 billion to Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

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