Left Pounces on Democrat Andrew Yang for Supporting Israel Amid Violence

Left Pounces on Democrat Andrew Yang for Supporting Israel Amid Violence andrew yang speaks NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang speaks at a press conference on May 11, 2021 in New York City. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

By Charles Kim | Tuesday, 11 May 2021 06:22 PM

Former Democratic presidential and current New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is taking heat amongst activists in his own party for supporting Israel amid the worst violence in the region since 2019.

“I'm standing with the people of Israel who are coming under bombardment attacks and condemn the Hamas terrorists,” Yang said in a Twitter post Tuesday. “The people of NYC will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere.”

His tweet regarding a barrage of bombs and rocket exchanges between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip that have killed 31 in the last two days, according to published reports, were met with harsh criticisms by activists on the left.

“Maybe not the most tasteful statement to make within hours of Israel bombing Gaza and killing 20 Palestinians, nine of whom were children,” WWE personality Sami Zayn responded. “But then again, I’m not a soulless piece of s*** politician so what do I know?”

Israel sent tanks to the border and 80 jets to bomb Gaza Tuesday in retaliation for earlier rocket strikes against Tel Aviv and its suburbs the day before.

“Mr. Yang, sir, I am begging you to please get f*****,” journalist Ashley Feinberg responded on Twitter.

Activist Bishop Talbert Swan called Israel’s retaliation “evil” in his response to Yang’s tweet.

“The systemic oppression, institutional discrimination, and violent persecution of Palestinians are crimes against humanity,” his tweet said. “It is wicked, evil, and inhumane. Glad to know where you stand.”

Another left-wing journalist said Yang was among those “enabling” Israel in the violence.

“I’m standing with your conscience, if you have one,” Aaron Mate, journalist, and host of The Grayzone News podcast, said. “It’s currently under bombardment by your risible apologia for Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people, who face down constant Israeli state terrorism and cowardly US enablers — yet somehow persevere.”

The recent violence began Monday as Israeli police and Palestinians clashed by a Jerusalem mosque as Muslims around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

While the U.S. State Department is calling for restraint by both sides in the conflict, Hamas and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu are promising strong acts of retaliation.

Yang ran for president as a Democrat in 2020 and is now pursuing the mayor’s seat in New York against Democratic incumbent Bill de Blasio.

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