Liberal Bias of Wikipedia Called Out in 5 Studies

Liberal Bias of Wikipedia Called Out in 5 Studies wikipedia sign (Jens Kalaene/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 29 November 2020 11:53 AM

Left-wing media bias has taken over once-neutral Wikipedia, just as co-founder Larry Sanger lamented earlier this year, according to five studies reviewing the content of the online encyclopedia.

The studies have concluded Wikipedia is even more left-biased than the Encyclopedia Britannica, left-wing indoctrination is pushed harder by leftist editors, liberal media is more pronounced in the mentions on that site, the reviews of politicians relies are left-wing sources, and conservative editors on the website are six times more likely to be sanctioned for their updates.

1. Harvard Study: Wikipedia More Left-Biased Than Britannica

While both are slanted toward liberal views, the study find Wikipedia is more biased toward Democrats.

“Using a matched sample of pairs of articles from Britannica and Wikipedia, we show that, overall, Wikipedia articles are more slanted towards Democrat than Britannica articles, as well as more biased,” the study’s abstract reads.

Notably, Wikipedia becomes less biased the more a post is edited and reviewed, and the study also found the most liberal-biased entries are ones least edited or reviewed.

2. Harvard Study: Indoctrination Pushed Harder Left and by Leftists

The same researchers above followed up their study with another one that found the most frequent editors are leftists and they are also far more biased partisans, according to their study.

3. Wikipediocracy: Top News Outlets Cited Are Mostly Left-Wing

Established leftist outlets The New York Times and BBC News are the most cited sources, around 200,000 stories. The Guardian, an equally left-wing outlet, is cited third at almost 100,000 citations.

Among the top 10 most-cited, only one was right-leaning.

4. Wikipediocracy/AllSides: U.S. Politicians Pages Rely on Left-Wing Sources

Using AllSides and Media Bias/Fact Check (MBFC) ratings, a Wikipediocracy user found stories on American politicians rely mostly on left-wing media. The ratio is almost 3- or 4-to-1 left wing vs. right wing. And even centrist sources are used to the same ratio vs. right wing ones, per the analysis.

5. The Critic: Right-Wing Editors 6 Times More Likely to Be Sanctioned

Those espousing right-wing views on topics like politics, abortion, gun control, race, and intelligence were six times more likely to be sanctions by the “Supreme Court” of the Wikipedia editors, especially those reviewing things about President Donald Trump.