Lil Nas Responds to Greg Kelly on Lewd Claims

Lil Nas Responds to Greg Kelly on Lewd Claims lil nas x singing and reaching his arm downward Lil Nas X at the Grammys on Sunday in a cropped photo similar to the one Greg Kelly found offensive. (Getty Images)

By Jack Gournell | Tuesday, 05 April 2022 05:22 PM

Lil Nas X was a little upset after Newsmax host Greg Kelly scolded the rapper/singer on Twitter for what Kelly deemed a "lewd" performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night.

Early Monday morning, the host of "Greg Kelly Reports" tweeted a photo of Lil Nas X's performance at the 64th Annual Grammys telecast with the comment:

"‘Lil NAS has a BIG PROBLEM (And so does America)—-knock yourself out NAS. You’re a little FOOL with zero talent!!!!"

In the photo Lil Nas X is seen holding one hand near his crotch as he holds a microphone in the other as he sings.

Later Monday, Nas X, whose birth name is Montero Lamar Hill, fired back: "damn greg all i did was wear a crop top this time," followed by two crying emojis.

Nas X is wearing a sparkly top in the photo cropped high, showing off his stomach just below his chest.

But Kelly assured him the shirt was not the issue:

"It's not the shirt NAS—it was the PUBLIC LEWDNESS. You know there are LAWS about that in certain "jurisdictions"—but then again you were in VEGAS so who the hell knows. Bottom line: SING AND DANCE but no public self GROPING. DECENCY!"

The artist seemed to let it go at that, responding: "apologies. have a great night."

Lil Nas X has only recently returned to Twitter after several months off, hiatus, reports