Mark McCloskey to Newsmax: Wife, I Don’t Deserve Law License Suspensions

Mark McCloskey to Newsmax: Wife, I Don't Deserve Law License Suspensions Mark McCloskey to Newsmax: Wife, I Don't Deserve Law License Suspensions (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 22 September 2021 02:27 PM

St. Louis attorney Mark McCloskey told Newsmax Wednesday that he and his wife Patricia were acting in their own self-defense when they brandished firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters last year and did nothing to warrant a call to suspend their law licenses.

"Here we are a year later, and the Bar Association wants to suspend our licenses because we were standing up and defending ourselves," McCloskey told Newsmax's "John Bachman Now." "[There was] no shotgun fire. No one got injured. All we did was keep people from damaging our property and killing us, and now they say that we acted with moral turpitude and therefore aren't fit to be lawyers."

McCloskey pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor fourth-degree assault on June 17, and his wife pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment, also a misdemeanor. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson pardoned the personal injury lawyers in March.

McCloskey said that the Bar Association called their actions "so egregious and immoral" that they could no longer be considered "moral enough to be lawyers in the state of Missouri."

However, he said their actions had to be taken into context "when we defended our home and our lives against the mob," and that several key figures, including former President Donald Trump and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt, said they did nothing wrong "and in fact congratulated us."

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a prosecutor in St. Louis, is also under investigation for claims of prosecutorial misconduct, however, she is still practicing law, said McCloskey.

"I'm assuming there's a way that we can let the justices of our Supreme Court know what really happened, but if not, you know, they can take our licenses away," said McCloskey. "I'm 64 years old. By the time I get my license back … that may be the end of my career at least as a lawyer. "

He added that he and his wife have no prior actions against them.

"I've been practicing law in St Louis for 36 years, as has my wife," said McCloskey. "We represented thousands of people, almost all of whom were disadvantaged people whose rights have been trampled on, protecting their constitutional rights, protecting their rights as human beings and there are certain cases that I handle now that I don't think any other lawyer in Missouri would take … if the Supreme Court suspends our licenses, what happens to our clients?"

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