Mark Meadows to Newsmax TV: Liz Cheney Living in Time Gone By

Mark Meadows to Newsmax TV: Liz Cheney Living in Time Gone By Mark Meadows to Newsmax TV: Liz Cheney Living in Time Gone By (Newsmax TV/"Cortes & Pellegrino"

By Nick Koutsobinas | Tuesday, 11 May 2021 09:07 PM

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Tuesday that Rep. Liz Cheney is still living in a time "before Donald Trump" and predicted she "likely" would lose her position as House Republican Conference Chair.

Appearing on the debut of Newsmax TV’s “Cortes & Pellegrino,” Meadows suggested Wyoming’s lone member of the House would be one of the first dominoes to fall.

“What we'll see tomorrow is Liz Cheney will no longer be the conference chair, but that's only part of the battle," Meadows said. "Who is ultimately going to be the one to call the shots here in D.C.? The America First agenda says that it should be 'we the people.'

“And what we see is Liz Cheney, and others are trying to battle, and say let's take it back to the way it used to be before Donald Trump was ever president. But I can tell you there's no turning back. But we have to stay focused."

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, holds the third most powerful position among House Republicans. She has angered many in the party for being one of only 10 Republicans in the House to vote for Trump’s impeachment following the Jan. 6 disturbance at the U.S. Capitol.

She was censured by the Wyoming Republican Party for her vote, has no fewer than a half dozen declared challengers for the GOP nomination for her seat in Congress, and is now facing a second vote to remove her from leadership. Although she survived the first vote, she has repeatedly criticized former President Donald Trump and said the party must move beyond him, statements many Republican congressmen and women say is contrary to their beliefs

With House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy endorsing the challenge of New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, Cheney is expected to lose her position as Chair on Wednesday.

The conference chair is responsible for recruiting new members, helping select committee assignments and devising a communications strategy for a unified party.

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