Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Ending Title 42 Is Sending Wrong Border Message

Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Ending Title 42 Is Sending Wrong Border Message (Newsmax/"Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 22 June 2021 08:19 AM

The Biden administration, by considering an end to the Trump-era policy using a Title 42 public health order to turn back migrant families at the border, is sending another "message to the world" that it is easy for immigrants to come into the United States, former Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan said on Newsmax Tuesday.

"They got rid of Title 42 for teenagers, so now this is about expanding getting rid of Title 42 for families and single adults," Morgan said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "In addition to all the other policies that they've already dismantled … we're sending a message to the entire world that once again, if you make it to our borders, you grab a kid, make it to our borders, that's your passport to the United States."

The same kind of situation caused the border crisis in 2019, but now, "we've taken a huge step back and we're sending a message loud and clear," Morgan added.

The Title 42 public health order was implemented in March 2020 to protect America from an influx of COVID-19 and resulted in tens of thousands of migrants being turned away. The White House is reportedly considering ending the order for families by as early as July 31.

Meanwhile, The Associated Press is reporting that the U.S. donated 1.35 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico, where officials say they will be available to residents in four border towns, and Mexican officials are saying there is no reason to continue restricting travel once the doses are given.

Morgan said allowing people to continue crossing the border while the pandemic is still happening is dangerous.

"This is a CDC public health order," said Morgan. "It's not an immigration policy. What's so frustrating right now, the United States is trying to get back to normalcy, getting more people vaccinated. We're not there quite yet. I'm here in Phoenix at the National Service Association. I'm fully vaccinated but I still have to wear a mask at the airport and airplane."

He rejected the argument that Title 42 was used to keep people from making valid asylum claims rather than being used as a public health option.

"I hate to tell this to the American people, but COVID-19 will not be our last experience with infectious disease," said Morgan. "I am actually on the side that we should be taking a look at making Title 42 a permanent policy with those who are trying to illegally enter because infectious disease being introduced in our country from outside our border is a very real threat."

Meanwhile, Morgan said that none of what the Biden administration is doing makes sense from a perspective of national sovereignty, security, or public health, but it does make sense that the White House sees the influx of immigrants as having a perceived political benefit as it believes every illegal immigrant given a pathway to citizenship will vote as a Democrat.

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