Matt Schlapp to Newsmax: Youngkin Win Was a ‘Woke-lash’

Matt Schlapp to Newsmax: Youngkin Win Was a 'Woke-lash' glenn youngkin stands before an american flag Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin (Kate Magee Joyce/AP)

By Eric Mack | Tuesday, 02 November 2021 11:27 PM

The Republicans standing behind parents in school board fights against mask and vaccine mandates, and against critical race theory in schools, had a huge impact on Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin's victory, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp told Newsmax on Tuesday night.

"I would say tonight is about a revolt from parents, moms and dads who say, 'You know, I was OK with this idea of taking care of people, have a social safety net, compassion, and being open to immigration and stuff, but I'm not OK with them destroying my kids and propagandizing them and destroying the economy and saying America is a crappy country," Schlapp told Newsmax's Rob Schmitt and Heather Childers. "I mean, I don't know why they thought that this woke politics would be popular.

"But there was a woke-lash tonight."

Youngkin had vowed to reject vaccine mandates if he was elected governor, pitting him in direct contrast to Democrat Terry McAuliffe and his backer, President Joe Biden, the architect of unpopular vaccine mandates.

"I'm very happy for my five daughters in Virginia that the state of Virginia isn't going to mandate that I have to give them a shot, or that I have to teach them that America is a bad place," Schlapp told Newsmax.

Schlapp noted parents who got a glimpse of their children's teaching through online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic opened many eyes in Virginia about indoctrination in schools.

"They saw the CRT; they saw this craziness of gender ideologies that create confusion in the minds of young kids who they're trying to sexualize, and then they saw the cover up in the corruption of crimes and abuses to their kids," Schlapp lamented of parents in deep-blue Fairfax and Loudoun countries in northeast Virginia.

Those counties still are going to McAuliffe, but Youngkin managed a larger percentage of the dissenting vote, a key component of his victory as declared first by Newsmax.

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