McCaul: Allegations on Kerry, Iran Appear ‘Somewhat Treasonous’

McCaul: Allegations on Kerry, Iran Appear 'Somewhat Treasonous' John Kerry  in front of a UN flag Former Secretary of State John Kerry (Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 28 April 2021 03:02 PM

Allegations that former Secretary of State John Kerry gave Iran information about Israel's activities are serious and "very disturbing," and an investigation is needed so the real facts will come out, Rep. Michael McCaul said Wednesday.

"It is very disturbing if the former secretary of state is meeting with the foreign minister of Iran, who is a foreign adversary of the United States of America, behind the scenes while Secretary (Mike) Pompeo is negotiating the maximum pressure campaign," said the Texas Republican on Fox News' "America's Newsroom."

He added that he doesn't know if the reports, based on a leaked audiotape of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif, are true, but if they are, there "should be consequences."

Several lawmakers are calling for Kerry, who is now President Joe Biden's Cabinet-level "climate czar" to be under investigation or even to step down after Zarif claimed in a leaked audiotape that while Kerry was secretary of state, he revealed more than 200 operations that Israel had conducted against Iranian targets.

"This appears to be somewhat treasonous to meet with the enemy and sharing information and intelligence related to Israel against Iran proxies in Syria," said McCaul. "We don't know all the facts. Rest assured, I will find out."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the State Department has said that according to press reporting, Kerry's meetings and conversations with Zarif were not a secret, but still, the timing of the potential conversation must be determined, said McCaul.

"When did he have these conversations?" he said. "With classified information, I had to sign a form and I take it very seriously as a federal prosecutor. When people divulge classified information they get prosecuted. These are very serious allegations. We'll be meeting with former secretary Kerry on other issues but including this one in the near future."

McCaul also previewed President Joe Biden's first joint address to Congress and said that the president has not fulfilled his inauguration promises of bringing unity to the United States.

"The first 100 days haven't demonstrated this at all," said McCaul. "(He has a) very partisan agenda. We did COVID (relief) bipartisan under the Trump administration. Then we're looking at a major tax increase. They're talking about this 'American families' package. I don't know all the details other than to say it's a massive tax increase on a pandemic economy at a time where we could least afford it to give away free education and healthcare."

Meanwhile, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is complimenting Biden, and that is "really the tail wagging the dog," said McCaul.

"That tells you that Biden is not leading from the center as he promised but rather letting the far left control his agenda and I'm afraid you will see that tonight with this broad announcement of a major spending and tax package," said McCaul. "This will be $6 trillion in the first 100 days if it passes, right?"

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