McCloskey to Newsmax: Coverage Is Different When a ‘Thug Kills a Cop’

McCloskey to Newsmax: Coverage Is Different When a 'Thug Kills a Cop' (Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 26 May 2021 01:07 PM

St. Louis attorney Mark McCloskey, who became nationally recognized after he and his wife pointed weapons last summer at Black Lives Matter protesters outside his home, tells Newsmax that victims of violence involving police officers are not treated fairly, as shown this week when slain Minneapolis resident George Floyd's family was invited to visit the White House.

"A year ago on June 1, retired police captain David Dorn, a Black man, was murdered by random thugs here in St. Louis," but President Joe Biden didn't meet with his family, McCloskey told Newsmax's Rob Schmitt. "When a thug kills a cop, that's not news. But when a cop kills a thug, that's something we all have to change our lives over. It really is something else."

McCloskey is vying in the Republican primary to fill the seat of Sen. Roy Blunt after the Republican incumbent announced he would not seek reelection in 2022.

McCloskey also railed against St. Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner, who had brought charges of weapons violations and evidence tampering against him and his wife, Patricia, last year after the incidents in their front yard. They have pleaded not guilty to the charges and were successful in pushing for Garner to be removed from their case.

"Our George-Soros funded prosecutor had an exclusion list," where she won't take arrests from "certain police officers," said McCloskey.

"You've got the fact that if they ever choose to prosecute anybody, the prosecutor's office is so incompetent," he added. "They lose half the cases they drive, and then you've got a mayor who wants to defund the police. They decriminalized all drug crimes, all sex crimes, let everybody in jail out on drug and sex crimes out, and then compensate them with tax dollars for the time they spent in jail because apparently being in jail isn't fun, and so we have to make up for that. It's just so absolutely insane."

He also told Schmitt that he's campaigning "for our civil rights and for the First Amendment and the Second Amendment."

"There's just been an outcry amongst the public for something to actually change," he said. "People are sick of a cancel culture. They're sick of the lie of systemic racism, backed up by the threat of mob violence, and they want people in D.C. that don't have strings attached, that are genuine, you know, real human beings that aren't afraid, who say what's true and what's not, and who aren't afraid and are not gonna back down."

McCloskey said he hasn't yet spoken with former President Donald Trump about his campaign, but he is hoping for his support.

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