Michael Reagan to Newsmax: Support Hinckley Release, Dad Forgave Him

Michael Reagan to Newsmax: Support Hinckley Release, Dad Forgave Him (Newsmax/"The Chris Salcedo Show")

By Jack Gournell | Tuesday, 28 September 2021 06:38 PM

Michael Reagan, son of former president Ronald Reagan, tells Newsmax he understands the sentiment of many who oppose a judge's recent order to give unconditional release to the man who tried to kill the former president, but says his father forgave his would-be assassin, and so does he.

"Well, it could infuriate me, but I'm the one that had a conversation with my father a long time ago, and we talked about John Hinckley," Reagan said Tuesday on "The Chris Salcedo Show."

Ronald Reagan forgave John Hinckley, Jr. for what he did and "would be supporting exactly what's going on right now and not be worried," Michael Reagan said, because "the Secret Service is going to know where John Hinckley is for the rest of his entire life. So people can put themselves at ease."

If his father could forgive Hinckley, he must too, Reagan said, because, "you know something, I'm not better than my dad. I want to be more like my dad and have a loving heart and live the Lord's Prayer instead of just repeat it."

Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the 1981 attempt on Reagan's life that also wounded three others, including press secretary James Brady. He was granted visits to his parents in the early 2000s and has been on conditional release since 2016.

Still, Michael Reagan doesn't think Ronald Reagan's second wife Nancy, who served as first lady and was known for being very protective of her husband, would have concurred with his father and himself.

"Nancy would be p***ed," he said with a laugh.

The Reagan Foundation and Institute and presidential biographer Craig Shirley have opposed the release.

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