Michael Savage to Newsmax: Justice Jackson Exposes ‘Perverted’ Left

Michael Savage to Newsmax: Justice Jackson Exposes 'Perverted' Left (Newsmax's "Prime News")

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 07 April 2022 10:26 PM

While the Senate approved Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court (53-47), conservative host Michael Savage on Newsmax disapproved with conviction and sounded an alarm for children in America.

"We're in very big trouble, and America's children are the big losers here," Savage told Thursday's "Prime News." "How could liberals who claim that they are in favor of children's rights and women's rights, put a woman on the Supreme Court who is soft on child porn felons? It's beyond imagination.

"This goes beyond race. This goes into the whole psyche of the left, which is perverted, demented, and demonic.

"I have nothing else to add to it – perverted, demented and demonic – and she represents them by the way. There's no other explanation for this."

Jackson was nominated by President Joe Biden to fulfill his campaign promise to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court for the first time, but Savage said this was the wrong one, noting South Carolina Judge Michelle Childs had far more bipartisan support and a far less sketchy history in serving as an apologist in rulings that have been unilaterally under judicial recommendations on sentences for sex offenders and child pornography felons.

"What's historic is that the Senate caved in to the far left, and chose not a qualified candidate, but an affirmative action candidate, who is a disaster for children in this country," Savage said. "Why she is soft on child porn felons is beyond me.

"Why she would then be moved up the chain of command to wind up on the Supreme Court is clear to me. The fact of the matter is – and let's talk about race straight out – there was an African American federal judge who had bipartisan support both from Democrats and Republicans, and she was passed over by the psycho Biden.

"Instead they picked this lunatic who is soft on child porn felons like no one in history. Example after example."

Savage surmised Jackson was unblockable by the Senate because of her race, because opposing the first Black woman for the Supreme Court would have been bad optics in the eyes of voters.

"Why is she soft on child pornographers? Why would people cave in for fear of being called racist?" Savage asked. "This is a disaster for the children of America."

Savage concluded a white judge would have never been confirmed by the Senate for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court with the same apologetic past on child pornography sentences.

"This would have disqualified any white person from the get go," Savage concluded. "I mean, you want to talk race, let's talk race: Would a white judge have gotten this far if she had done things like this?

"Absolutely not. This is a travesty and we're gonna be stuck with her for 30 years."

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