Michigan GOP Hopeful Dixon: Will Sign Law Outlawing Kids at Drag Shows

Michigan GOP Hopeful Dixon: Will Sign Law Outlawing Kids at Drag Shows (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 15 June 2022 02:48 PM

Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon on Wednesday told Newsmax that if she's elected, she'll sign legislation that criminalizes allowing children to attend drag shows, in response to the news that in Texas, a Pride Month morning show was made open to families and children last weekend.

"If you look at this, you see that there are kids in this club," the Michigan Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "It has a sign on the wall that has a very inappropriate statement on it. They're doing a very sexualized performance in front of these children."

On Saturday, the "Drag Kids to Pride'' show, held at the Mr. Misster bar in Dallas included performers dressed in drag and dancing with children on the stage, reports included performers in drag dancing with attending children on the stage of the bar, reports Dallas ABC affiliate Channel 8.

"This is a problem when you are starting to expose children to this sexual activity at this young age," Dixon told Newsmax. "My child doesn't need to be accepting of people's differences through sexualization. I can teach my child that people are different and we love people, no matter what their differences are without sexualizing my child, and I think that's the concern of many parents."

Dixon also spoke out against the Pride parades that are being held in the nation's cities, because "there's actual nudity."

"We saw one of the people in this these parades rub their body against a police officer and the police officer had to try to walk away from this person," said Dixon. "If I were to take my shirt off and go rub my body up against a police officer, I would be arrested. This is criminal activity. But for some reason, this is being pushed on us.

"It's not just being pushed on us. It's being pushed on our children and we're being told this is how you teach your child to accept people's differences. But I don't believe in that, and I think it's criminal activity."

Dixon further discussed the crowded gubernatorial race for the GOP nomination in Michigan, and said her race is going "very well."

Five candidates were removed from the Republican slate because of issues with petition signatures, but there are still five left, she added.

"Our message of being family friendly is resonating with people in Michigan," she said. "Michigan is a tough state. Right now we're declining in education. The latest reports show that by 2030 will be in the bottom five states in the nation. People are energized around building up education and having hope for our future."

The state's residents are also "energized" about restoring a large workforce and manufacturing, said Dixon, so "that message is resonating for us and we're seeing a big uptick."

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has not yet issued an endorsement in the race, but Dixon said she and her campaign have spoken with him, and "he came to Michigan and gave [us] a shout out. We would love to have his endorsement. I know he's watching it closely and we're doing everything we can to make sure we are the front-runner."


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