Mike Gibbons: ‘I Can’t Get Over’ JD Vance’s Backing Hillary Clinton in 2016

Mike Gibbons: 'I Can't Get Over' JD Vance's Backing Hillary Clinton in 2016 (Newsmax/''American Agenda'')

By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 21 April 2022 06:25 PM

Certain tracking polls have U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Gibbons as a possible front-runner in the Ohio Republican primary set for May 3.

But that hasn't stopped Gibbons from going on the offensive, particularly when asked about J.D. Vance, who recently garnered an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

On Newsmax, Gilbbons told "American Agenda" co-hosts Bob Sellers and Heather Childers on Thursday that he questioned Vance's recent transformation into an America First candidate — for reasons dating back six years.

"The problem I [have with Vance] is not that he didn't support Donald Trump (in previous elections). The problem I had, and still have, is that [Vance] talked about voting for Hillary Clinton'' in 2016, Gibbons said.

"How can anybody with even a modicum of conservative belief actually contemplate voting for Hillary Clinton. She's the embodiment of the transformation that the Democratic Party wants to impose on America."

Gibbons then added, "I can't get over that."

He stopped short of knocking Trump's endorsement of Vance.

The Ohio businessman understands the 45th president's recommendations carry weight in Ohio, especially after winning the state for both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

But Gibbons finds it difficult to believe that any GOP voter would favor a candidate who once aligned philosophically with the Democratic Party.

"I question [Vance's] judgment, his true conservative ideology. I question how flexible is this guy, if he can truly consider voting for Hillary Clinton? It's amazing."

Gibbons' background has some Trump elements in it, minus being a reality-TV star.

He was president or chief executive officer of a handful of Ohio companies.

Gibbons once served as managing partner of the Cleveland Crunch pro soccer franchise.

He was also Ohio finance co-chair for Trump's campaign in 2016, while reportedly donating more than $100,000 to Trump's campaigns for 2016 and 2020.

When asked what distinguishes him from the other GOP primary candidates, Gibbons offered a simple response: "I'm a businessman, not a politician. Everybody else is either a politician or a celebrity; and I think there's a great distinction there."

Gibbons then added, when pressed on the U.S. gripping with supply chain problems and inflation at 40-year highs: "I studied economics. I taught economics. I understand why inflation's going [up] right now, and it rests at the feet of the Biden administration."

According to Real Clear Politics, a site that monitors tracking polls for the November midterms, Gibbons holds a slim lead in two of the three prominent Ohio Senate polls.

GOP candidate Josh Mandel — not Vance — leads the other tracking poll, according to RCP.

The latest Fabrizio, Lee & Associates poll, released Thursday, shows that Vance holds a 7-point lead over Mandel and a 12-point lead over Gibbons.

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