Mike Lindell Launches ‘Frank’ – Site ‘Like You Haven’t Seen’

Mike Lindell Launches 'Frank' – Site 'Like You Haven't Seen' Mike Lindell Launches 'Frank' – Site 'Like You Haven't Seen' Michael Lindell, CEO of MyPillow Inc. (Stephen Maturen/Getty)

By Marisa Herman | Monday, 26 April 2021 05:28 PM

When Mike Lindell was booted from Twitter because of his candid, pro-Trump views, the MyPillow CEO engineered his own soft landing by creating a place he could truly be “frank.”

And when Lindell’s new venture – a combination somewhere between YouTube and Twitter that he’s named “Frank” – is fully launched, users can expect a platform with features “that no other platform has.”

“My whole goal is to get our voices out there again,” Lindell told Newsmax. “It’s a site like you haven’t seen.”

Lindell says he expects Frank to be fully operational by May and, unlike Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, he says users won’t have to fear being censored.

But the Christ-believing Lindell has a warning. While Frank will foster free speech, posts that include curse words, porn, or death threats will be strictly off limits.

And even in curbing foul language, Lindell has notably shown restraint. Comedian George Carlin famously named seven words you couldn’t say on TV – but Lindell caps Frank’s list at 4.

"You won't be able to use four words: the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, and God’s name in vain,” Lindell told “The Ledger Report” podcast. “You won't be able to type that in.”

But user prohibitions are few and the tagline “the voice of free speech” is prominently displayed under a logo on the site.

A description posted on an earlier version of the website stated that Frank users will be able to "post videos, livestream television, distribute news and information, and find community and fellowship with like-minded Americans."

Since the site’s “soft launch” last week, only a few functions have been visible and, currently, users are unable to post.

But Lindell said more functions are coming.

The site also features Lindell’s 24-hour station, “Lindell TV.”

Lindell said about 50 hand-picked broadcasters and influencers — who had been silenced on other social media platforms – are uploading their content to Frank. Those videos will soon be available to users.

And, this coming Wednesday, Lindell is scheduled to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

He promises that the 1 million users who registered for access to Frank will get a text message about new available features.

The general public will also be able to set up accounts and view curated content shortly after that.

Lindell said he expects tens of millions of people to sign up for accounts and users will be able to “see every component” Frank offers on Wednesday.

Still, they will have to be patient when it comes to posting their thoughts on hot topics.

The actual social media component offered by Frank will debut last, with the plan being that it’s switched on by the end of the week.

Lindell admits the rollout has been less-than-flawless, though he says many of the technical issues are due to cyber attackers who’ve “turned up the heat.”

Frank visitors coming to the site now are welcomed with a message thanking them – and teasing new features.

“Thank you for being a part of Frank! With over 400M stream requests in just 4-days, FrankSpeech so far has been an epic success!” the message reads.

“Right now, we're working on new features – keep checking back. In the meantime, help save our country and share Absolute Interference Everywhere!”

The platform is set to be fully operational by May 10, when Lindell plans to celebrate with a Frank launch rally.

But even with the early speed bumps he’s had to navigate, Lindell reports that more than 300 million people have visited the site since it launched last week.

“It’s been huge,” he said. “It’s been absolutely huge.”

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