Mike Tyson Shows Off Skills Ahead of Possible YouTube Star Fight

Mike Tyson Shows Off Skills Ahead of Possible YouTube Star Fight mike tyson looks down at the camera after a training session before a roy jones jr. exhibition match in 2005 Mike Tyson training in 2005 (Olivier Douliery/AP)

By Nick Koutsobinas | Sunday, 14 November 2021 08:40 PM

Rumors of a fight are circulating between former heavyweight champion Iron Mike Tyson fighting YouTube star Logan Paul.

Tyson, 55, was seen ferociously hitting pads in a video with legendary mixed martial arts trainer Rafael Cordeiro, according to The Sun. The video, which has not been given a known release date, comes amid rumors of the two fight celebrities, Tyson and Paul, coming to blows.

Paul, 26, said a fight with Tyson was "pinned. Then there's rumors started circling; we didn't say anything and then it got confirmed that it wasn't happening."

Paul adds a fight with Tyson would not make sense due to Tyson's age, according to The Independent.

"So a fight that I initially hadn't even considered, now people actually don't think I'd win, this is offensive," Paul stated. "Now I'm kind of considering it, just to shut people the f*** up. But what's the f****** win here? I prove everyone wrong and go, 'yeah I did it.'

"And a legend who I respect and love dearly is sitting on the floor. F*** that. Mike Tyson's too old, no? What happens if I beat Mike Tyson? I beat up an old man, that's not cool. Do people wanna watch that?"

Reports still loom Tyson is expected to fight in February, but the opponent has not yet been named.