Missouri AG Schmitt to Newsmax: Biden Shows He’s Most Divisive With MAGA Slam

Missouri AG Schmitt to Newsmax: Biden Shows He's Most Divisive With MAGA Slam (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 05 May 2022 01:29 PM

It's hard to believe that President Joe Biden has outdone former President Barack Obama in being the "most divisive president that we've had in maybe the history of the country," but he passed that mark with his comments about the "MAGA crowd," Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said on Newsmax Thursday.

"He might have done it in his part and parcel for the left right now, which is to sow division, and they're trying to do it at every level," Schmitt, who is running for the Republican nomination to represent his state in the Senate, told Newsmax's "National Report."

But former President Donald Trump, Schmitt said, has "transformed" the Republican Party into one that is "proud of its country and is unapologetic about it," and that "believes that our best days are ahead of us in that people can speak their minds freely."

He added that his party stands to have historic gains in November, as there is a "reckoning coming."

"Americans want their country back, and that's what this election cycle is going to be all about," he added.

Schmitt also commented about the leak of the draft document from the Supreme Court showing that the Roe v. Wade abortion decision could be overturned, saying that if it is, that is the right way to go.

"It was a right that was made up," he said. "They can't find it anywhere in the Constitution, and ultimately, what would happen is that if it would go back to the voters, back to the states."

Missouri is one of several states that have a "trigger law" to ban abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned and if it happens, Schmitt said he'd "issue that opinion immediately."

The leak, meanwhile, is unprecedented but it shouldn't seem "all that surprising," he continued.

"You've had the left try to destroy people and reputations … I mean, this is part of their game plan," he said. "They're giving out the addresses of conservative justices. I mean, there isn't any norm or any law or any institution they're not willing to break to get a particular outcome, and that's what's so wrong about all this and why there ought to be a full investigation about where the leak came from."

While it's unknown where the leak came from, it "sure looks a lot like the tactics from the left, which is to try to intimidate to try to change the outcome before the opinion is released, but this does long-term damage to the court."

Schmitt also on Thursday discussed his political race for the Senate. Trump has not endorsed anyone in that race but he noted that he's consistently stood by Trump's side when he was "being viciously attacked by the left" and that he's drafted briefings on election integrity.

"There's no fiercer defender of President Trump and nobody taking on the Biden agenda. Taking a blow torch in his agenda as aggressively as we are right now, so certainly would love to have the president's endorsement in this race."

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