Mo Brooks to Newsmax TV: We Must Stand Up for Law and Order

Mo Brooks to Newsmax TV: We Must Stand Up for Law and Order (Newsmax TV/"John Bachman Now")

By Theodore Bunker | Friday, 23 April 2021 02:00 PM

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., told Newsmax TV on Friday that the protests seen in Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Oregon will be "the future of all America if we don't stand up for law and order."

Earlier this week, a group of protesters in Oklahoma City gained entrance to the state Capitol while demonstrating against a series of bills, including a bill that would protect drivers who hit protesters while fleeing a riot. The group was able to get into the House Chamber, but left after being asked.

Brooks said on "John Bachman Now" that this incident is "a glimpse not only the future but also the past."

He added, "We've seen what has happened in places in Minnesota, we’ve seen what's happened in places in Oregon and other parts of the United States America, particularly those cities that are governed by rather weak, anti-law enforcement socialist Democrats, and this is going to be in the future of all America if we don't stand up for law and order, and make sure that our law enforcement community understands that we're gonna have their back like they have our back when our lives as citizens aren't risk."

Brooks later said that "Under the 1st Amendment, you have the right to protest. You have the right to freedom of speech. You have the right to petition the government for a redress of your grievances. You have the right to be rather rambunctious, [but] you just can't commit criminal acts while you're engaged in those kind of protest activities. That's the line. That's what people need to be aware of, and I hope that the American citizenry will stay on the law and order side of that line and not go over the edge, but if you do go over the edge, you better expect consequences."

He continued, "I'm one of those that believes that those who do go over the edge, do engage in violence, or engage in arson, who engage in riotous-type conduct that hurts others. They need to be punished. They should be prosecuted."

Brooks later said that when it comes to the Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol, "the American people, I think, mistakenly put [California Democratic House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House and put [New York Democratic Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate. They, in turn, have tremendous influence over our Capitol Police and everything that goes on, with respect any investigation concerning Jan. 6. And I hope [Wisconsin Republican Sen.] Ron Johnson is able to get to the bottom of it, and I hope the Republicans and people believe in law and order will get to the bottom of it."

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