Navarro: Dems ‘Did Violence’ by Impeaching ‘Legally Elected’ Trump

Navarro: Dems 'Did Violence' by Impeaching 'Legally Elected' Trump navarro in a striped suit and red tie speaking outside Peter Navarro (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 14 January 2021 12:18 PM

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, while insisting Thursday President Donald Trump was "legally elected" in November, said the Democratic Party "did violence" to the country by attacking the president and impeaching him in a "travesty" during the last remaining days he has in office.

"I will say to these people on Capitol Hill, knock it off," Navarro told Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo. "Stop this. Let the man leave peacefully with his dignity. He was the greatest jobs president, the greatest trade negotiator we have ever had in this country's history. This is just wrong what they're doing."

Navarro also insisted "if the election was held today" Trump would win again, and "that's what the Democrats fear."

"I have never been more pissed off in my life at this place, and I think 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump feel exactly the same way," said Navarro.

Navarro's comments came during a discussion about the move by social media companies to block Trump and the "pincer move," a double-flanked attack, to take down Parler, which many conservatives had been using as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook.

"For Google and Apple, the first part of the pincer was not to allow Parler apps to be downloaded," said Navarro, calling the moves "chilling."

"Then Amazon came in for the brutal kill, taking the cloud away from Parler so it was no longer able to access data, and Amazon wiped out that company," he continued.

Navarro said he thinks Parler has "one heck of a lawsuit" pending, and that Congress must take a serious look at Big Tech's antitrust issues.

He added that it is a "serious threat to our democracy" when Twitter censors Trump but not others like Iran's ayatollah or the Chinese Communist Party.

Meanwhile, Congress is turning a "divide between a 50-50 country into a chasm," but the "people of this country, the Trump people, are not going to stand for this," said Navarro.

Navarro also said he wants to warn the country that 2021's economy could turn out to be like the movie "The Big Short," where a Wall Street guru throws in $1 billion of his own money because subprime home loans are in danger of defaulting.

"There are termites in this economic house that just keep gnawing away," said Navarro. "There are tens of millions of Americans that are out of work," said Navarro. "This is [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi's fault. They can impeach a president in a day but they can't pass a macroeconomic stimulus with three friggin' months going into the election. That will ensure in 2021 the deaths of tens of thousands of small businesses. It is too little, too late."

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