NBPC President Judd to Newsmax: Biden’s Fault Guard Has to Patrol Border

NBPC President Judd to Newsmax: Biden's Fault Guard Has to Patrol Border (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 25 April 2022 03:04 PM

Members of the Texas National Guard such as Spec. Bishop Evans, whose body was found Monday after he drowned late last week trying to rescue two migrants from the Rio Grande, would not have been patrolling the border if President Joe Biden's policies didn't take members of the Border Patrol away from their duties, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd tells Newsmax.

"The Border Patrol's resources are completely being taken out of the field to do administrative duties," Judd said on Newsmax's "John Bachman Now" Monday. "We don't have anybody out here and that's why Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent out the National Guard to help fill in the gaps."

The Border Patrol is "simply overwhelmed" by the numbers of people flowing across the border, Judd said, and that also means more drugs coming into the country.

"You can talk with any sheriff's department, any local law enforcement, anywhere and they will tell you that the amount of drugs that are on the street corresponds with the number of illegal immigrants," said Judd.

Biden was scheduled to meet with the Hispanic Caucus, and Texas Democrats are expected to tell him to leave the Title 42 COVID border restrictions in place, but Judd said the administration is refusing such pressure because it "cares more about its base than it does the American public."

"Last year, we thought that we would have reached our ceiling when we hit 200,000 apprehensions in the month of July," said Judd. "We thought for sure this administration was going to do something, but because there are so many activists in this in the White House right now, (it) panders to its base of activists, the non-governmental organizations that continue to push for all of this lawlessness, this chaos that exists on this border,"

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is leading a delegation of fellow Republicans to the border Monday to push for the extension of Title 42, and while Judd agrees that Congress may not be able to do anything, the delegation can bring attention to the immigration issue, said Judd.

"The mainstream media can't ignore it when you have the minority leader and a delegation of congressmen coming down," he said. "Then they have to look at this. They have to do their best to try to address it. "

Meanwhile, Missouri and Texas have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration and will argue their case before the Supreme Court Tuesday over reinstating the "remain in Mexico" policy. Judd said the lower courts have already made their orders to restore the rule to keep people in Mexico while their asylum cases are pending, but the administration has only made a small effort to comply.

"When they're only enrolling nine people per day when we're apprehending anywhere between 5,000 to 8000 people every day, it's a complete joke," Judd said. "It's a farce."

However, the administration "panders to a very far-leftist base," and it knows that if that base isn't appeased, nobody will vote.

"If they don't have anybody turn out to vote, they're obviously going to lose, but it's unfortunately because American citizens lose in this debate," said Judd.

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