New Jersey ACLU Sues to Lengthen Voting Hours Over Tech Issues

New Jersey ACLU Sues to Lengthen Voting Hours Over Tech Issues New Jersey ACLU Sues to Lengthen Voting Hours Over Tech Issues

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By Jack Gournell | Tuesday, 02 November 2021 07:11 PM

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey is suing to extend voting hours statewide over reports that some polling locations have turned away voters over "technical issues and delays," the group tweeted Tuesday.

"Delays caused by technical issues aren’t an excuse to deny voters their right to vote," the tweet said. "We and the @LWVNJ are suing to extend voting hours statewide."

The tweet referred to the League of Women Voters of New Jersey as co-plaintiff in the lawsuit filed in Mercer County Superior Court, according to a copy of the document included with the tweet.

"No eligible voter should be disenfranchised due to a technical error. Racial justice – and the law – demand it," the New Jersey ACLU said in a reply to its own tweet.

That comment set off its own set of replies, with people asking questions such as "Why are you bringing race into this?" (@hkenworthy)

New Jersey voters are at the polls to decide between Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, and Republican former Assembly member Jack Ciattarelli. All 120 seats in the Assembly and Senate are also on the ballot, and along with them control of the Legislature.

Voters are also weighing in on two ballot questions.

Murphy's first-term agenda faces a test from voters.

He's delivered on many of the promises he made during his first run in 2017: paid sick leave, a phased-in $15 minimum wage, more funding for women's health care, taxpayer-financed community college, legalized recreational use of marijuana, and more state aid for education and the public pension — paid for in part by higher taxes on incomes over $1 million and on businesses.

His management of the state during the COVID-19 outbreak is also front and center.

Polls show him leading his challenger, Ciattarelli, who's making the case that he would cut taxes and end mask and vaccine mandates.

No Democrat has been reelected governor in New Jersey since 1977, and no candidate from the party of the president who won the year before New Jersey's off-year elections has won the governorship since 1985.

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