Newsmax Ratings Soar by 40 Percent for Trump Rally

Newsmax Ratings Soar by 40 Percent for Trump Rally Newsmax Ratings Soar by 40 Percent for Trump Rally Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Florence, Arizona, on Jan. 15. (Kyodo via AP Images)

By Newsmax Staff | Thursday, 20 January 2022 05:01 PM

Donald Trump may have left the White House a year ago, but ratings for Newsmax’s live coverage from his recent Arizona rally suggest the former president is as popular as ever.

Newsmax’s start-to-finish broadcast of Trump’s Jan. 15th rally in Florence, Arizona, drew 2.9 million viewers in total audience reach on cable alone, according to Nielsen.

A total of more than 5 million Americans watched the Trump rally when OTT streaming platforms that carry Newsmax are included, network data shows.

The new year and Joe Biden’s falling approval ratings seem to be increasing interest in the 45th president.

Newsmax’s cable audience for the rally was up almost 40 percent overe his last rally, held in Iowa on Oct. 9 of last year.

And Newsmax’s cable audience was larger than CNN's and MSNBC's combined — by 10% among adult viewers ages 35-64, Nielsen data shows.

Fox News, which continues to have a blackout of Trump rallies, eked out a slightly larger audience during the same time period.

However, Fox is available in 20 million more cable homes than Newsmax. On a proportionate basis in cable homes served by Newsmax and Fox, Newsmax was the big winner with close to double the viewership of Fox.

And Newsmax’s total audience of viewers during Trump’s speech dwarfed Fox’s when the new channel’s cable viewership includes its huge reach on streaming and Smart TVs.

Some 45 million television homes no longer carry cable or satellite pay TV, making Newsmax the dominant cable news player in that arena.

“Newsmax’s quality coverage was a ratings home run,’’ said Jason Villar, vice president of media/market research and insights. “With heightened TV competition, including NFL playoff games, Newsmax captured the enthusiasm of cable news audiences on a Saturday evening and delivered ratings success across the board.’’

Villar said, “As America begins 2022, coming out of the doldrums of winter and constant Covid coverage, Newsmax gave audiences a reason to tune in with wall-to-wall coverage of the Arizona Trump event.’’

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