NewsNation Not ‘Center’ News, Andersson Says

NewsNation Not 'Center' News, Andersson Says (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now")

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 30 July 2022 12:10 PM EDT

NewsNation recently announced it hired Chris Cuomo for its prime-time lineup this fall, a move that suggests it is far from becoming a centrist news channel.

Brian Andersson, a media critic and former New York City commissioner, said NewsNation, a fledgling network created out of the WGN America channel, is attempting to brand itself as "centrist," but hires liberal news anchors or well-known anti-Trumpers.

Andersson said the Cuomo hiring "has to raise your eyebrows" because "Chris Cuomo was probably one of the most liberal people at CNN."

He noted, Cuomo joins a network lineup that includes former MSNBC [hosts] Dan Abrams and Ashleigh Banfield.

"This is not a center network, and it's pretty amazing how liberal channels say they're centrists, but I guess in a room full of AOCs, even Chuck Schumer can look like a centrist," Andersson told Newsmax.

Also, Andersson noted, Cuomo's claims after his ouster from CNN do not pass the smell test.

"We have to remember why he was fired," Andersson concluded. "People are saying sexual harassment, and that was indeed part of it, but the fact is this came out in the legal case against his brother, Andrew Cuomo, the governor.

"Chris was sharing very confidential information that CNN had gathered from his brother's accusers with his brother. That's a huge breach of journalistic ethics, and it's beyond unethical."

Andersson also critiqued Fox News for spinning narratives against former President Donald Trump.

"Well, you know, they're more about making news right now than simply reporting it," Andersson, told "John Bachman Now." "At least you get the fair side on Newsmax. I think our viewers appreciate that."

"But we need to be clear Fox has never really fully supported Trump," Andersson told host John Bachman. "In fact, Trump has said the real reason he lost the 2020 election is that Fox did not fully support him.

"He has been on record as saying, 'you know, they were never really for me, until I won.'"


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